Cincinnatti time clock key
Cincinnati Key

Unfortunately, we have none left. You might try eBay. It's also called the C131 key.

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C131 key

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Click 11 2 week time card, 1000 per BoxE2$41.00


Cincinnati 100010 and Cincinnati Clipper time clock key

We stock keys for electromechanical employee time clocks

This key fits both types of mechanical Cincinnati clocks:
Series 10001xxxx    and 3000xxxx  

  • The one where the cards fit in the front of the machine
  • The one where the cards go down from the top (a “clipper“)
  • They both take the same key.  The ribbons, however, are different....
  • We have ribbons for them
  • We have new motors and also the angular black handles for these machines.
  • Give us a call, we'll make sure you get the correct key!
  • Sorry, the ribbons are now out of production.  Not available.


Cincinnati punch clock