HP1000 100 employee upgrade
HP1000 +50 employees EM701

Increase the HP1000's capacity to 100 employees. You simply type in the unlock code, the upgrade is done.

Our Price: $229.00

HandPunch 1000 upgrade from 50 to 100 employees

  • Is 50 not enough?  No problem.
  • Upgrades the terminal capacity from 50 to 100
  • We can do it before new equipment ships, or you can upgrade in the field
  • No technical magic, no mumbo-jumbo.  It's easy.
  • Note:  The software must be set up to also handle 100 employees.  Is it?
  • It's a code you enter on the keypad; it turns on more memory
  • Once it is done, it is installed “forever“
  • We will send you exact instructions on how to do this, and if you need,
    you may call us and we will walk you through it over the telephone  
  • It's like having your own I.T. person - and a friend - on the phone

You should call us
1 800 682 3389