Acroprint 125AR3
Mechanical Punch Clock

Discontinued. Parts and service (repairs) are still available. Factory warranties are still in effect.

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AR3 Acroprint

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Click 134 Acroprint AP125 Push BarAcroprint Time Clock Push Bar$7.25
Click 186 Acroprint AP125 Ribbon 2-PackAP125 AP150 Ribbons$18.00
Click 132 Acroprint 110VAC Motor110 Volt Universal Acroprint Motor$39.99
Click 133 Acroprint Motor & CamAcroprint 125/150 Motor and Brass Cam$49.95
Click 205 Acroprint 125 Stamp Hammer AssemblyAcroprint 125 stamp and swing arm$26.00
Click 204 Acroprint 150 Stamp Hammer AssemblyAcroprint 150 stamp and swing arm$26.00
Click 11 E2 time cards $41.002 week time card, 1000 / Box$41.00
Click 81 7 Day Time Card1900L One Side Q: 1000$33.00
Click 21 14 Day Time Card1900L-2 Two Sides Q: 1000$36.00
Click 257 Time Card Rack25 Slot Rack$31.00


Acroprint mechanical time clocks have been discontinued.  We sell parts and repairs.

This is the best replacement you can find:

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Amano TCX-21 electro-mechanical time clock
Use your existing time cards, or any other card you want
Oversized dot-matrix printer, prints the largest numbers
Longest lasting cartridge ribbon, and it is easy to change
Updates to correct time after power outages
User-selectable preset print formats
Dealer repairable!  Nationwide network of time clock service centers, INCLUDING US, in place.

Acroprint AR3 Mechanical Punch Clock
The last of the mechanical punch clocks, the one you still see in movies, has been discontinued. 

Mechanical punch clocks designed and manufactured in USA since 1030 in order of best quality:  1) Acroprint AP series.  2) Cincinnatti.  3) Simplex  4) Lathem 

The Acroprint 125 and 150 clocks were the design of a Simplex engineer and mechanical genius, Glenn Robbins Sr.  In 1979 Glen set out to build his own clock and became a very successful and large employer in Raleigh, NC.  The family maintained this company and innovated for two more generations. They created a lot of additional jobs and many people made their fortunes working with the Robbins family.  Glenn, Glenn Jr, and their children will be missed.