Amano FPT80 Fingerprint Time Clock System
Amano FPT80 RS232 and Network biometric system

Amano FPT80 biometric time clock system with 3D fingerprint imaging. USB and Network TCP/IP connections. Runs on Windows and Apple.

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Amano FPT40

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Amano FPT-80 FingerPrint Time Clock System

Includes TCP/IP Network connection, AND 50' USB cable

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Note:  This is a Windows program only, it does not work with APPLE



  • Reduces “Buddy Punching” in office environments.
  • Reduces payroll preparation steps and time to do it
  • On Demand "View Hours" at the clock
  • On Demand Department Transfer at the clock
  • Eliminates manual calculation errors (2% to 5% of the payroll)
  • Software wizards guides users through the entire installation
  • Interfaces seamlessly with most payroll applications 
  • IMPORTS EMPLOYEE LIST from QuickBooks - this is unique!
  • Runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

  • Amano TimeGuardian Software Features

  • Two punch options:  Fingerprint or PIN number
       (use the keypad for people who cannot be read by the integrated fingerprint reader)
  • Totals hours for up to 100 employees, upgrades to 250
  • Two stage software included:  Easy and Expert.  
  • Start with “Easy,“ upgrade to Expert later
  • Free 30 day technical support included
  • Ethernet and 50' USB connections are both included
  • Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payperiods
  • Includes Departments, Scheduling, and Holiday Assignments
  • Track and report Wages, Tips, and Bonuses
  • Prints its own reports, including schedules, exceptions, time cards, departments, tardy, who's in, and more
  • Automatically backs up the punch data every day
  • Automatically updates the records every day
  • Automatically polls the punches, and sets the clock to your computer
  • Automatic lunch deduction - set unique lunch rules by department
  • Preset holiday pay dates, rules, and who they apply to
  • Programmable Daylight Savings Time rules- these change every so-often....
  • Department Transfers at the clock
  • On Demand View Hours at the clock
  • On Demand View Previous punches at the clock
  • Improved 3 dimensional fingerprint reader

  • What's in the box:

    • Newest version of the biometric terminal
    • Newest Version of TimeGuardian Software
    • Mounting plate, lock, power supply, 50' USB cable, 6' CAT5 cable
    • Owners manual, software instructions, and toll-free help line telephone number


    • Installed weight:  2 lbs
    • Size:  8“ high, 5.5“ wide, 2“ deep
    • Power:  110VAC, 60 and 50Hz
    • Memory:  3 years of data backup in the terminal - without power

    Amano uses the newest technology. 3D digital imaging.
    It is far more accurate. 
    Developed for over 15 years, digital imaging is much more accurate than standard photographic imaging used by others.


    Extensive library of included payroll exports, including:

    ADP DOS                                      ADP PC Payroll for Windows
    ASCII                                             CBS 
    Excel                                             GevityHR
    Paychex Paylink                            Paychex Preview
    Ceridian Power Pay (USA)            Payday of America          
    PeachTree                                     QuickBooks Premier (Windows)
    QuickBooks Pro (Windows)           QuickBooks Enterprise (Windows)

    There are unresolvable differences between the export formats for Canada ADP, Canada Ceredian, and Canada Quickbooks.  Do not order this system if you are exporting to any of the above three Canadian systems unless you can work around it in Excel or some other format.  Amano does not provide support on the above three exports.
    Amano does not support VPN communications.