Acroprint Face Verify System
100 Employee Facial Recognition System

100 employee facial recognition system expandable to 250. Get all the benefits of the Acroprint timeQ+ software, with a facial verification reader. Includes PC Punch Software.

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower damages are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 262 Acroprint 50 Employee upgrade01-0254-102$125.00
Click 236 Acroprint TimeQ Proximity FOBsAcroprint Key FOBs, pack of 15$55.00
Click 235 15 Acroprint TimeQ+ Proximity Cards14-0126-000 Acroprint Badge$44.00
Click 124 40 Card Badge RackSwipe and RFID Card Holder$29.00
Click 314 Acroprint TQ600F FaceVerify Terminal OnlyFacial Recognition Clock 01-250-000$369.00
Click 390 Acroprint Network Software TECH SupportAcroprint Network Software TECH Support$169.00


Acroprint Face Verify with feature-rich AcroTimeQ+ software

Hands-free biometric verification. Employees clock in and out using facial recognition, a proximity badge, a PIN (or any combination of these) or via PC-punch. Using facial recognition, employees simply look at the terminal to clock in and out.

This complete solution includes: timeQplus Network software for 100 employees (expandable up to 250 employees) and one TQ600F facial recognition biometric terminal kit.

The software also allows you to assign unique passwords and authorities to each manager.
Download the 4 page factory brochure, click here:
  • 100 Employees, English, French, or Spanish - you select.
  • Upgrades in bundles of 25 employees, to system maximum of 250.
  • Handles Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly pay periods, including up to 12 shifts and two levels of overtime.
  • One year manufacturer's product guarantee, with 30 days of software support.
  • timeQ+ software allows you to edit employee punches, view reports at your PC monitor, export data to 3rd party payroll programs, and save data to a text file.
  • NEW: Job Costing allows your employees to punch IN/OUT using work codes for labor tracking.
  • NEW: Unique passwords for managers, they can only adjust the punches for employees in their department.  The Administrator can do everything.
  • NEW: Run reports from more than one PC, if this is on a local Network
  • Exports directly to popular payroll formats, including QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP, and more.
  • Multiple report options including Hours Summary, Departments, and Time Cards
  • Software or user interface are available in English, French, and Spanish.
  • One Year Manufacturer's Hardware Guarantee, 30 days free technical support.

Acroprint TimeQ+ is a great value!  Read about it here:

Touchless Biometric Option to Clock IN/OUT
Simply look into the terminal. Verification takes less than one second.
Infra-red optical sensors enables user identification in poorly lit environments.
Use optional RFID Cards in high-employee turnover environments.

Automates Time & Attendance Process
Reports regular hours, two levels of overtime, vacation, sick/personal hours,
holidays and other categories.

Large Storage Capacity Biometric Terminal
Holds up to 1000 faces and 10,000 proximity cards with storage capacity
of 100,000 transactions beteween downloads.

Perfect for the Small Business
Easy to set up PC software.  Terminal connects by USB cable to a PC,
or across your network via Ethernet/Local Area Network
Grows with your business, expands in increments of
25 employees to 250 employee maximum
Add more terminals as needed, across your office/factory/school or other facility

Terminal Retains Data
The transactions are stored on the terminal until retrieved by the PC application

Prevents Buddy Punching
Simply put, employees cannot beat the system - not even identical twins, or a photograph.


Acroprint Face Verify Detailed Information

Payroll Exports:                Reports:                                         Terminal Specifications:
Prime Pay                            Employee Profiles                            Punch IN/OUT: 


Paychex Paylink                  Rules Setup                                    Face only, RFID card or KeyFob


ADP                                     Shifts                                              User ID & Password, or any
QuickBooks Pro/Premier     Time Card                                       combination of the above 
QuickBooks Pro/Premier     Holidays                                          Connects directly to PC via
Paychex                              Hours Summary                               USB cable or by Ethernet
Premier                               Departments                                    Operating temp: 32f to 104f (0C to 40C)
Custom Export Builder        Raw Transactions                            Display:  3.0 inch TFT touch screen 
                                           Time Card Approvals
                                           Approaching Overtime
                                           Daily Totals By Employee
                                           Who's IN, Who's OUT
                                           Work Codes by Work Code
                                           Work Codes Total by Employee

Connects via Local Area Network (Windows), or USB thumb-drive.