Icon P600D - TotalPass Prox -RTC1000
Icon P600D

WiFi, USB, and Network Ready. Web-enabled. Works on your network and across the web. Works with ALL computer operating systems. Details below.

Our Price: $399.00
WiFi time clock

Huge Savings on RFID Badges & Keyfobs
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Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower damages are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 332 Icon P600 Customer CareSPT-P600 Customer Care$180.00
Click 146 Icon Proximity Badges (10)Ten RFID Proximity Badges$27.50
Click 118 Icon Proximity Card BadgesTwenty-Five RFID Proximity Badges$55.00
Click 125 Icon Proximity card keyfobRFID Key Fob for Icon$2.75
Click 124 40 Card Badge RackSwipe and RFID Card Holder$29.00
Click 453 RFIDEAS External Card ReaderExternal Proximity Card Reader$0.00
Click 328 Icon Web Punch ModuleIcon Web Punch with GPS Tracking$99.00
Click 323 Icon WET-100Icon 50 to 100 employee upgrade$125.00
Click 324 Icon WET-25050 to 250 employee upgrade$224.00
Click 325 Icon Upgrade 100 to 500100 to 500 employee upgrade$448.00
Click 301 Icon Upgrade 250 to 500250 to 500 employee upgrade$325.00
Click 463 Time Clock CabinetAll metal indoor/outdoor security cabinet$249.00


TotalPass Proximity Card Time Clock

WiFi READY.  Pre-installed and set-up.  Plug-and-play.
 We've done it for you, no downloads, it's already done.

WiFi is included on all clocks purchased after 12/6/16
We can retro-fit your TotalPass clock, item 312, above

  • 50 employees, upgrades to 100, 250 and 500
  • Multi-PC license included, with scalable user rights - included
  • Designed to use re assignable, rugged yet inexpensive RFID cards
  • All the features of the RTC1000 - plus more POWER, and cross-compatible with the TotalPass Biometric
  • Communicate with up to 48 clocks locally or over the Web
  • Automatic email backups
  • Comes with 5 PC and Web/Smart Phone Punch licenses.
  • Up to 50 PC Punch and Web Punch/Smart Phone punch clocks
  • Designed for small to large companies, single and many locations
  • Base: 50 employees - with Departments: upgrade to 100, 250, and 500
  • Stores up to 300,000 employee punches before mandatory backup.
  • Accurate: Synchronizes time between all the child clocks and the Parent, every 6 minutes.
  • By adding a PAID BREAKS department, you can track... Paid Breaks!
  • The Email Alerts module (optional) emails you when certain people come or go, and when used in conjunction with the Benefits and Rules module, can also tell you when they
  • Now includes a custom Labor Distribution Report - across multiple clocks, multiple locations.
  • Set it for regular time, OT1, OT2 in the basic version, upgrade for advanced OT rules.
  • Post Vacation, Sick, Vacation, time to the time cards and reports.
    Get running totals (Accruals) with the Rules upgrade, item 327, above

  • Custom PIN numbers, or use BADGES - or RFID Keyfobs:
  • * This is selectable by the individual employee.
  • Add Department Revision Zones - the Rules upgrade - to control Wage Bleeding for people who punch in early, or hang out long after they were supposed to punch out.
  • 30 Days of USA-Factory engineer technical support
  • Made In USA, this is the most sold electronic time clock made. Quality you will appreciate.





The TotalPass Proximity clock can communicate (share information) with up to 48 other TotalPass Proximity and TotalPass Biometric clocks
Example:  You may want to put PIN or RFID badge clocks in some locations, and Biometric in others, all in the same company.



     Processor                 Storage                             RAM
        1 Ghz                      4 GB (30,000 punches)   512MB

License:  50 employees, upgrade to 100, 250, and 500
Badges:  Includes 15 reusable RFID/Proximity badges


     RTC1000               TotalPass Proximity             TotalPass Biometric
   7.25" Wide                       7.25" Wide                         9 1/4" Wide
   1.25" Deep                       1.75" Deep                         1.75"  Deep
   8.0"    High                        8.0"  High                          8.0"   High
   1.5     lbs                          1.5     lbs                           1.7     lbs

Icon TotalPass Quick Start.jpg

IN THE BOX:        Icon TotalPass Kit

One Icon TotalPass terminal with 50 employee software pre-installed
Multi-PC/Multiple Administrators with unique passwords, enabled
5 Web Punch Licenses, Included
15' USB cable, 15' CAT5 cable (network connnection is best)
WiFi transmitter is installed and ready to go
Wall mounting bracket with metal anti-theft key
Wall mounting hardware
Power Supply
15 Reusable RFID employee badges
Quick Start Manual with (800) technical support number
30 Days USA Factory technical support




Click to watch the YouTube video:


Youtube totalpass.jpg

Rules Plus can cut the cost of payroll by a lot!
  • In-Punch Revision Zones
    -   By Department. Example:
           They punch in between 6:20 and 7AM, but get paid from 7:00 AM
           You can override this on a punch by punch basis, for exceptions.
  • Out-Punch Revision Zones
       -   By Department. Example:
           They punch out between 4:30 and 4:55PM, get paid only up to 4:30
           You can override this in the software, the employee cannot.
                  * In this example, if an employee punched in at 6:35AM,
                    his time would begin to accrue at 7:00AM, his scheduled time.
                  * Punches that occur outside the In and Out time zones would pay
                    to your regular rounding rules.

    Click here to see an example of this
                  * Out-Punch Rounding:  4:30 to 4:55 would pay back to 4:30
                     this is a variable setting, just an example globally, or be department

  • California Overtime:  Adds "California Overtime" rules.
         -  Including 7th day, Two levels of daily and weekly OT, and "Consecutive Days"

  • Enhanced Rules,  plus OT Settings:
       -  Track a second level of overtime on a daily, weekly, or consecutive day.
       -  Customize overtime multipliers: 
       -  Allows you to pay 1/2 time, 2x, or other custom time on defined overtime.
  • Track Balances on non-worked hours:
       -  Paid Time Off, Sick, Personal, etc.
      This module adds Accruals.