Icon SB100 Pro Version 2.5
Icon SB100 Pro 25 employee time clock

Discontinued, Replaced by the updated P400D, follow the link below! The SB100Pro is no longer available. Upgrades and supplies are.

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SB100 Pro 2.5

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Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 322 Icon WET-5025 to 50 employee upgrade$95.00
Click 321 Advanced PackWeb enabled + Depts, and more$149.00
Click 323 Icon WET-10050 to 100 employee upgrade$125.00
Click 324 Icon WET-25050 to 250 employee upgrade$224.00
Click 146 Icon Proximity Badges (10)Ten RFID Proximity Badges$25.00
Click 118 Icon Proximity Card BadgesTwenty-Five RFID Proximity Badges$44.95
Click 13 12 Card Badge Rack81-0116-003 badge holder$18.00
Click 125 Icon Proximity card keyfobReusable RFID Key Fob for Icon$2.50
Click 320 SB100Pro 2.5 Customize PackUnlocks Custom PIN Numbers$50.00
Click 327 Icon Advanced Rules and BenefitsIN-Punch Rounding Time Zones, 3 Accruals$125.00
Click 326 Icon Email Alerts PackIcon Email Alerts Pack$125.00
Click 329 Icon P400D Factory Gold SupportTechnical Support for P400D$125.00
Click 739 Ship To Canada - Icon ClocksShipping charge$59.25


Test Drive the software yourself:  http://totalpassprox.icontime.com/index.html 
Username:  admin   Password:  1234   
Select Reports.   To see reports, enter 1/1/2019 as the starting date..
Select "close" to lock in that date, then select Run Reports.
You'll also see a list of employees and departments.  Select "all" from both menus

This is the next version, up, the TotalPass.  The SB100Pro  does not have departments, web punch, SSL or accruals - they are upgrades.  But you will be able to see the reports, how to set up the pay cycle, information on payroll exports, and more.

How to set up your SB100pro and Icon RTC1000 time clock for the first time


Features - see the SB100-Pro Reports page for even more information:

  • OS:  Runs on Windows, Apple, all operating systems via your web interface
  • Connect via a tab or "favorite" in Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Connect via direct USB cable (included), or over your local network (cable included)
  • One-clock system, to have multi-clocks, you need to either purchase the P400 or TotalPass Biometric, or upgrade to it.  See item 323, above..
  • Upgrade to the powerful management  and internet features of the RTC1000 at any time!
  • Keypad preassigned PIN number entry (custom numbers with upgrade)
  • Comes with 25 employees, upgrades to 250
  • Use optional badges or key fobs for greater employee (punch) security
  • Prints time cards, calculates basic daily and/or weekly overtime
  • Accommodates all pay cycles
  • Real-Time reporting with up-to-the-minute running hour totals
  • Selectable automatic lunch deduction by employee
  • Lists Paid Time Off and Paid Break times - monitor how long they take for breaks
  • Displays hours worked when they punch out
  • No on-going monthly fees.  You buy it, you own it.
  • Exports to Paychex, QuickBooks, ADP, and includes Excel .CSV export files
  • Unsure if you should get the RTC1000?  Get this today, the upgrade is $150 later.
    --  Or call our friendly people in the office for honest advice.

Includes 30 day free technical support, one year product guarantee.