Icon Email Alerts Pack
Icon Email Alerts Pack

e-Mails you pro-active alerts (who's approaching overtime, who just arrived or left), and more.

Our Price: $125.00
Icon RTC1000 module

Icon Email Alerts - Unique and Powerful!  Adds SSL.

Optional upgrade* for SB100Pro, RTC1000
*  Email alerts module is included with the TotalPass

Proactively email alerts to you across your network, and/or to your cell phone.
Emails several people if you wish

Receive instant updates when particular people punch IN or OUT (arrive and leave)

Add Rules and Benefits Module, get the following enhancements to work with Email Alerts:

  • Flag employees (get alerts) when they have too many hours* in a day today (such as 8.5 hours)
  • Flag employees when they have too few hours** (such as <4 hours) in a day
  • Flag all employees when they are approaching overtime***
  • *       High Hours report
  • **     Low Hours report
  • ***    Who's Approaching Overtime

Bonus: Email Alerts module adds SSL security to this system.