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IN-Punch Rounding Time Zones, 3 Accruals

TotalPass, RTC1000 & SB100 Pro Benefits module. 3 levels of accruals, Broad IN and OUT Punch Rounding Zones by Department. Ex: 6:30 > 7:00 pays from 7:00.

Our Price: $125.00
Benefits module

Department Rules and Employee Benefits (Accruals) Module

  • In-Punch Revision Zones
    -   By Department. Example:
           They punch in between 6:20 and 7AM, but get paid from 7:00 AM
  • Out-Punch Revision Zones
       -   By Department. Example:
           They punch out between 4:30 and 4:55PM, get paid only up to 4:30
           You can override this in the software, the employee cannot.
                  * In this example, if an employee punched in at 6:35AM,
                    his time would begin to accrue at 7:00AM, his scheduled time.
                  * Punches that occur outside the In and Out time zones would pay
                    to your regular rounding rules.

    Click here to see an example of this
                  * Out-Punch Rounding:  4:30 to 4:55 would pay back to 4:30
                     this is a variable setting, just an example globally, or be department

  • California Overtime:  Adds "California Overtime" rules.
         -  Including 7th day, Two levels of daily and weekly OT, and "Consecutive Days"

  • Enhanced Rules,  plus OT Settings:
       -  Track a second level of overtime on a daily, weekly, or consecutive day.
       -  Customize overtime multipliers: 
       -  Allows you to pay 1/2 time, 2x, or other custom time on defined overtime.
  • Track Balances on non-worked hours:
       -  Paid Time Off, Sick, Personal, etc. 
             This module adds Accruals.  Click to read more