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IN-Punch Rounding Time Zones, 3 Accruals

TotalPass, RTC1000 & SB100 Pro Benefits module. 3 levels of accruals, Broad IN and OUT Punch Rounding Zones by Department. Ex: 6:30 > 7:00 pays from 7:00.

Our Price: $125.00
Benefits module

Department Rules and Employee Benefits (Accruals) Module

  • In-Punch Revision Zones by Department
    -   Example:
           They punch in between 6:20 and 7AM, but get paid from 7:00 AM

            TotalPass has up to 99 Departments, RTC1000 has 32 Departments
            So, you could set up an indivudual with their own unique department
            or several people, and have those rules apply to just them.
  • Out-Punch Revision Zones
       -   By Department. Example:
           They punch out between 4:30 and 4:55PM, get paid only up to 4:30
           You can override this in the software, the employee cannot.
                  * In this example, if an employee punched in at 6:35AM,
                    his time would begin to accrue at 7:00AM, his scheduled time.
                  * Punches that occur outside the In and Out time zones would pay
                    to your regular rounding rules.

    Click here to see an example of this
                  * Out-Punch Rounding:  4:30 to 4:55 would pay back to 4:30
                     this is a variable setting, just an example globally, or be department
            It shows the time (labor law, safety is implied when they punch in) but
           does not start accruing paid time until the start time, like punching
           IN at 6:21, they get paid from 7:00.  Do not put them to work before 7:00

  • California Overtime:  Adds "California Overtime" rules.
         -  Including 7th day, Two levels of daily and weekly OT, and "Consecutive Days"

  • Enhanced Rules,  plus OT Settings:
       -  Track a second level of overtime on a daily, weekly, or consecutive day.
       -  Customize overtime multipliers: 
       -  Allows you to pay 1/2 time, 2x, or other custom time on defined overtime.
  • Track Balances on non-worked hours:
       -  Paid Time Off, Sick, Personal, etc. 
             This module adds Accruals.  Click to read more