Acroprint ES1000 Work Shift Timer
Custom External Bell/Buzzer module

Custom built external signal relay box allows you to run work shift bells and buzzers from this time clock. 10 AMPS, 110 or 24VAC (you select).01-0230-000

Our Price: $65.00

Select your voltage here
Will you be running "24" or "110"Volt bells and buzzers?


Acroprint ES1000 Work Shift Shop Timer Rings Bells

The ES signal controller is an external power supply.
It never looks like the image we have posted - that is a ship's horn, by the way.
The clock itself has a 30VDC dry contact relay installed on the circuit board,
with a simple two lead connector.  If you run a buzzer or bell through it, it will burn out the circuit board.  We figured it out, we custom build our power supplies.
Your clock is 100% safe because of our design. Everything is labled for easy connections.  
Add this, now you can run bells, horns, strobe lights, etc.

This connects to the ES1000, and to an outlet
Not an Acroprint device, it is ours.  Replaces Acroprint ES-Series 24V relay.
Not as pretty, either.  It does the job for $$$ less.  Hand built.
It then sends out up-to 10 Amps and 110 or 24VAC - and protects your time clock machine.
-  select 110VAC to run any device you have - limit is ten 110V bells and buzzers
-  or select the Low Voltage Option, 24VAC (up to 5 low voltage AC bells or two low voltage AC buzzers)
-  or select IC for Intercom option.  That's a cold contact relay that runs a
  signal injector for your company intecom.  Call us if you have questions about this.

You schedule the “events” to what ever time and day (or days) you want.
You have to supply a 110V cable to it, the relay lets the 110 run through it,
ringing your bells, buzzers, or the intercom.