Compumatic 880D
TR880D Automatic Time Clock

Tr880d Electronic Time Recorder. Precision quartz accuracy. Prints IN/Out 6 times a day, drops to next line automatically. Simple, reliable.

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Click 12 25 card time card rackStandard self totaling clock time card rack$29.00
Click 188 ATR121 Time CardsATR121 weekly/bi-weekly time cards$48.00
Click 485 Compumatic ribbonTR440, TR880 ribbon$12.95


TR880d self-aligning time clock

  • Top loading.  Drop the card in, it automatically goes to the correct spot and prints
  • One year guarantee, free lifetime technical support from our USA support team - they tell you how to set it up!
  • Includes 100 weekly/bi-weekly time cards, cartridge ribbon, security/program key
  • Mounts on a wall, or stands on a desk
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings - turn this off if you state does not have DST
  • Resets after power outages to correct time
  • Resets for Leap Year, month change, etc
  • Prints in standard hours and minutes or military and 100ths
  • Quartz Accuracy
  • Unlimited employees
  • Modern design with quartz accruacy
  • User-selectable internal buzzer can alert employees to return from break, lunch, saving you lost labor time!