CompuTime Hand Punch System
RS232/USB Hand Punch System

50 employee USB Hand Punch - upgrade to 512. 25 employee software, upgrade to 500. Includes departments, time cards, upgradable software. Read more, below.

Our Price: $955.00
Hand Punch 1000

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 203   $0.00
Click 513   $0.00
Click 161 Hand Punch Telephone ModemHand Punch MD-500$425.00
Click 70 Hand Punch Hurricane CabinetFast Access Raintight Hand Punch Cabinet$429.00
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower surges are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 530 CompuTime 25 employee upgradeCompuTime CT101+25$50.00
Click 531 CompuTime 100 employee upgradeCompuTime CT101-100$135.00
Click 165   $0.00
Click 507 CompuTime101 Professional w/ Enhanced Shift RulesCompuTime101 Professional w/ Enhanced Shift Rules$109.00
Click 532 CompuTime 250 employee upgradeCompuTime CT101-250$255.00
Click 167 HP1000 512 employee upgradeHP 1000 50 to 512 employees EM703$455.00
Click 506 Compumatic Technical SupportUSA Factory Technical Support$149.00
Click 502 CompuTime101 Multi-PC licenseMultiple Administrator PC upgrade$150.00
Click 508 CompuTime101 Code CollectionCompuTime101 Code Collection$75.00


Hand Punch 1000  RS232 clock with 25 employee CompuTime101 software

  • Supports all pay periods including weekily, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly
  • Supports custom pay cycles - if you upgrade to Pro
  • Serial Clock with 50' cable, easily converts to USB with available USB adapters
  • 25 employee capacity, upgrade the clock and software to 500
  • Upgrade to Ethernet with separately available external Ethernet adapters
  • Optional Telephone Modem
  • Includes Departments - monitor your employees by groups that are called Departments, Department reports, Employee Reports and prints individual Employee Time Cards
  • Pay to the minute or nearest 1/4 hour
  • Add IN-Punch rounding zones by department - with Pro upgrade for greater savings on unworked on-the-clock-time that you are currently paying for
  • Built-in Automatic Lunch Deduction, by Department
  • Easy to understand color-coded reports
  • Three Months of Technical Support Included, USA Engineers
  • Includes up-to-date payroll exports to Paychex, Quickbooks, ADP and a user-customizable .csv export file

CompuTime101 Software Screen Shots

Click on each item below to see it!

Time Cards                                   Employee Time Sheets
Department Summary                    Department Detail
See Who's IN/OUT                         Missed Punches
Benefit Hours                                Detailed Punches by Week
Who's Late                                    Basic Reports Menu
Punch Preview                              Employee ListPunch Preview 
Employee List
Benefit Hours                                 Days Worked Summary

Shift SetupWho's Early/Late (Shift) Rules*

Who's Early/Late Summary*
* Requires Pro upgrade 
Computer system requirements: Any Windows PC will run this program.
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and “7“, both 32 and 64 bit, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Click to download the demo software

Hand Punch 1000 information:

  • Unbeatable Biometric Security, takes 24,000 (24 thousand) measurements of your hand
  • Extremely durable, typically running 8 years before needing updating or adjustment
  • Repairable - everything breaks, these are repairable
  • Employee Upgrades are done with an unlock code, there is no hardware to install
  • Sturdy:  The only difference between Model 1000, 2000 and 3000 is the circuit boards.  Structurally they are the same.
  • Upgrades:  Add an internal telephone modem
                      Add an external Ethernet Adapter
                      Increase employee capacity from 50 to 100  
                      Increase employee capacity from 50 to 512
                      Increase employee capacity from 100 to 512
  • Add Hand Punch 1000e and 2000e Ethernet clocks to your network
  • Enter Job Codes and perform Department Transfers at the clock*
    *Requires adding Pro software upgrade

CompuTime101 Software Information

  • Easy Setup, includes 90 days FREE setup support
  • Telephone Training is Included!
  • 25 employees included, upgrade to 100, 500, and Unlimited
  • Password Protected
  • Reports by Pay Period, or by Custom Date Range
  • Unlimited Punches per Day
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Daily and Weekly Overtime Calculation
  • Easily Add or Correct Punches
  • Automatic punch polling is included, download punches on your schedule
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Manage Multiple Clocks with one software
  • Filter Reports by Employee or Depaartment
  • Filter Reports by individual clock site
  • Includes Reports for Added/Deleted and Edited Punches
  • Gross Wage Calculations
  • Downloadable Software Updates are Free
  • Includes many detailed reports
  • Includes payroll exports to Paychex, ADP, Quickbooks, CSV
  • Upgrades:  From the list above, you will see:
              Professional with Enhanced Shift (Scheduling) Rules
              Code Collection (job costing and department transfers)
              Multi-PC Upgrade (run the software from many instead of just 1 computer)
  • Inexpensive Annual Technical Support, direct from the CompuTime programmers here in USA.