TimeQPlus Network License
TimeQPlus Network License

Acroprint TimeQ+ software upgrade. Multi-user upgrade. Access software records across your network, and much more. Adds powerful features: Read about it below.

Our Price: $199.00
Multi-User Network License

Acroprint TimeQ+ Network Software License

Single Note: 
This is limited to the number of employees you have.  If you have a 50 employee license, you have that "limit" on the upgrade.  You can have any combination of 50 Supervisors, 50 Administrators, and 50 employees.  Administrators or Supervisors can also be "Employees."  You have the power of "50". If your license is for 250 employees, then you have 250 options.

Managers can access the software from their desks, and see just their employees records.
Supervisors can access the sofware from their desks, and see and modify their employees records.
Administrators (usually just one), can see and do everything, including setting up Supervisors and Managers

Bonus Feature:

Includes Acroprint PCPunch, network version.  Employees can punch IN and OUT at the clock, or In and Out at their local network computer.

As per the above note, if you have a 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 employee license, that is the limit you will have for PCPunch's, network-wide.