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Easy to use RFID Watchman Clock System

This is the "swiss army knife" of the watchman clock industry. Rugged, advanced, used RFID tags including LONG RANGE RFID reader. Great software.

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Click 574 30MM RFID Checkpoint TAGJWM 30MM Round TAG$2.75
Click 573 JWM Guard ID Key Tags - Out of StockKeyfob Guard ID Key Tags$0.00
Click 575 JWM Orange and White RFID Checkpoint - Out of StocRFID Checkpoint$0.00
Click 571 JWM Reader with Nylon Holster - Out of StockJWM 5000V8$225.00


JWM 5000V8 Guard Patrol System


  • 1    5000V8 reader with digital display, temperature, LED light and compass     
  • 1    USB Downloader  
  • 1    Software CD
  • 1    Owners manual - (printable PDF on software cd)
  • 1    Charging cable  
  • 10   2" short range RFID checkpoints (Item 128, above)
    Checkpoints are the locations you are protecting, tracking.
           It's easier to order more checkpoints today than months later.
  • 3    Months factory technical support
  • 1    One Year Product Warranty


Operating System:  It runs on Windows.
If you have a running Windows PC with a CD drive, this will work just fine.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 8,  and 10.
Minimum hardware requirement:  Pentium 4 or Athlon XP1500+
50MB disk space, 256 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, USB port


Waterproof to 30 Meters, Drop Proof to 5 Meters
6000 reads between downloads and recharge

Tracks up to 1000 checkpoints (stations)
Multiple usernames and passwords, software can run across a local network

Data collection (checkpoint records)
Attractive Blue Display - Indicates station read, time, digital compass

Also includes a very bright flashlight for locating the station at night
Multiple reports (read the owners manual for more details)