HandPunch 1000E +TimeGuardian Software
HandPunch 1000E +TimeGuardian Software

HandPunch 1000E + TimeGuardian Software 100 employees, 2 administrators. Completely upgradable. Outstanding system.

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HandPunch 1000E with Amano Time Guardian software 

                  100 employee ethernet biometric handpunch                             
                   Amano TimeGuardian Software with two user license
                  18 Month HandPunch Guarantee, 30 days USA technical support

Features and Benefits:

  • 100 employees software license, upgrades to UNLIMITED
  • Two PC network license included, upgrade to as many as you need.
    Each manager gets a unique ID and unique system authorities
  • Automatically updates the punch records
  • Ethernet Connection, run from multiple PC's on the same local network
  • Use Multiple Clocks - punch in on one, out on another
  • No more paper time cards, it's all on your computer monitor
  • Typically reduces payroll errors, time calculations are done for you
  • Software wizards guide you through the set up
  • HandPunch 1000E capacity:  100 employees
  • Mag-swipe cards are included, or you can use PIN ID numbers
  • Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payperiods
  • Unlimited number of departments
  • Unlimited number of pay polices
  • Unlimited number of holiday assignments (assign in advance)
  • Basic Employee Scheduling Software is included
  • Tracks Tips, Wages, and Bonuses
  • Password protected

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Employees can be assigned to multiple clock terminals.  Punch IN and OUT on
one, or all of them, you set this up in the employee file.

TimeGuardian Software.  Adding additional managers:
All TimeGuardian systems come with two managers, aka two "system administrators."
When you upgrade to 5 (the first upgrade, which is a TOTAL of 5) users/administrators, you get the ability to assign unique usernames and passwords to the manager, and also assign what they can - and cannot - do. 

For example, you would not want the Parts Manager to have the ability to change the punches for people in the Administrative department, or to change the pay cycle.  But you might want him to be able to correct punches for employees in the Parts department. On the other hand, the payroll manager would have access to everything., and the company owner might only have access to making and reading reports.

TimeGuardian Software.  Adding additional employees:
TimeGuardian starts with 100 employees.  If you purchase + 25 employees, you then have a license for 125 ACTIVE employees.  If you purchase a 250 employee upgrade, you then have a license for 350 ACTIVE employees, and so-on. Employees can be inactivated and brought back, next season.

In this industry, where a few of us have over 25 years of direct experience, the rule of thumb is this: 
If you have over 100 employees, it's inexpensive and smart to add a second time clock.  If a clock goes down, you can always have them use the other one until it's repaired or replaced.  You also Save money by not having people stand in lines to punch in and out.

TimeGuardian 6.0 will work on Server 2012 (factory brochure says 2016) and newer.  
You can continue to use your older clocks with this software, and the newer ones.

Holds punches when the network is off.
The clock will hold the punch records in the clock until a positive connection is made to the connected computer.  If the network is down, they will still work normally and capture the punches.

Lastly, all pre-purchased modules will transfer over to the new software, and employee records all transfer across to the new software. You should call Amano when you are ready to install this, to do it right, with the least amount of effort.