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Canada Employee Time Clocks

Canada business and employee time clocks. Toronto business, Ontario Time Clocks, Quebec business, Nova Scotia business.

Employee Time Clocks is happy to distribute employee time clocks, timeclock systems, watchman clocks, and excellent technical support to our good Canadian neighbors to the north. You will also find us at www.canadientimeclocks.com and www.canadatimeclock.com We ship to Canada easily, inexpensively, and quickly. The duties are minimal, normally under ten dollars. We consider ourselves "just south of the border," (in Florida). The way we see it, we might as well be just one province over. We understand the difference between SSI and SSA. We can even pronounce "Saskatchewan" correctly. We at Employee Time Clocks are happy to serve you with the best product support.  From the northeastern beaches of Prince Albert Island, to the beautiful Buschard Gardens in historic Victoria, we are happy to work with you.

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Canada is Our Business

We work with Canadian businesses to identify the best time clock solutions for your business.  Based on your organizational needs, we can show you the best employee time clock system for you.  Perhaps you would like to leverage your computer assets and would like a computerized employee time clock.  You may want a biometric time clock to eliminate buddy punching.  If you are a very small business, a traditional punch time clock may be OK for you.  We also identify electronic time clocks, proximity badge time clocks, pin entry systems and more as viable solutions.  For those businesses and organizations that provide security services and watchman services, we also provide watchman clocks and security equipment.  We have been in business for years providing superior products and services to organizations in Florida, the United States, and Canada.  We know time clocks and we know Canada.  Business in Canada is important to the the economy of territories like Alberta, British Columbia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.  We know the metro areas of Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec, Halifax, Winnipeg, Victoria, Vancouver, Ottawa, and more.   As the demand for time clocks in Canada grows, Canadian businesses use the technology to build a profitable business.  Employee timeclock systems are trusted to build a profitable business in Canada.  Employee Time Clocks are now able to automate the tracking and recording of employee time and attendance.  Organizations in Canada can benefit from electronic timeclock systems, traditional hand punch time clocks, computerized time clocks, biometric time clocks, proximity badge timclocks, card scan time clocks, and more.  Canada turns to Employee Time Clocks, for the best products offered worldwide.  

Computerized Timeclock Software in Canada 

Employee Time Clocks offers a popular innovative and affordable computerized time systems that use your existing computer assets to operate.  Time clock software is easy to use and one of the most fully functional applications on the market for time and attendance tracking.  Time clock software and computerized timeclocks are a great solution for businesses in Canada and the United States.  Time Clock software is able to produce detailed reports and typically installs with a small footprint.  Some Timeclock software solutions are bundled with biometric fingerprint readers or thumbprint readers.  This technology has been perfected in recent years to be very accurate.  Canadian business is using biometric time clocks, time clock software, and computerized time clocks to solve the issues of buddy punching, timecard falsification and more.  Biometrics and computerized systems are easy to use and easy to maintain.  Look at our Lathem Touch Station Kit for great results. Also look for solutions from Acroprint, Pyramid, and Icon Time.  The Lathem biometric system also consists of Lathem's PayClock EZ software with a fingerprint reader.  Our product catalogue contains timeclock systems with alot of options and choice. Business in Canada is turning to computerized technology and time clock software for time and attendance tracking for their business.  

British Columbia Time Clocks

Employee Time clocks offers our products to British Columbia in Canada.  British Columbia business is thriving and we offer our employee time clocks products to British Columbia.  British Columbia business uses today's time and attendance technologies to alleviate business processes and to automate their systems.  British Columbia, Canada is a metro area that is surrounded by the beauty of Canada, and is a strong metro area.  Browse our products to see our employee time clocks products sold especially to British Columbia businesses.  The British Columbia business workplace is a professional work environment that can take advantage of the time clock technologies available today.  British Columbia business utilizes biometric time clocks, proximity badge employee time systems, electronic time clocks, computerized timeclocks, traditional time clocks and more.  We also specialize in offering guard tour and watchman clocks to British Columbia business.  Employee Time Clocks distributes the best time clock products to British Columbia business.  British Columbia business is a specialty of ours.  We sell to British Columbia and other Canadian cities like Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec, and more.  We sell to British Columbia businesses products with brand names like Detex, Icon Time, Amano, Lathem, Pyramid, Acroprint, and more.  If you have a British Columbia business, browse our timeclock products or contact us today.  See our product catalog to see biometric timeclocks from makers such as Lathem, Acroprint, and Icon Time.

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Canada business, Canadian business, workplace, time and attendance, Toronto, Ottawa business, Quebec business, Calgary business, Edmonton Time Clocks.  Employee Time Clocks finds business in Canada an important part of what we do.  We offer the best products and services available to not only Florida businesses and U.S. companies, but to Canadian companies as well.  Employee Time Clocks has been making efforts to meet the time and attendance needs of businesses and organizations throughout Canada and it's territories.  Business in Canada is thriving and Employee Time Clocks aims to be part of the success.  It is our goal that every Canadian business will be completely satisfied.  If you are part of a Canadian business or organization, we welcome you to browse our online catalogue today.

Time & Attendance in Canada
Time Clock Systems cut costs and keep employees productive - Biometric systems offer the most accurate time and attendance solution available.  Biometric systems eliminate badges and timecards.  Employee Time clocks are available for purchase across Canada.  Browse our site for more details about our timeclock systems to companies, businesses, and organizations across Canada.   

Toronto Employee TimeClocks

The HandPunch 1000 uses RSI's field-proven hand geometry biometrics technology. We sell this and all of our systems to Canada businesses.  The terminal captures an image of the hand each time the employee punches. The hand's size and the shape are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy. This is called hand topography.  No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized with this system. Canada businesses are already taking advantage of this system.  There's no question any more; employees have to be present to punch in or out. Icon Time Systems HandPunch 1000, HP 1000 biometric time clock.

Toronto businesses are taking advantage of the newest employee time clock systems on the market.  We carry those systems.  If you own a business in Toronto, browse our cataloge to see what we offer.  Our time clocks systems are the best on the market and we find our Toronto customers an important part of our business.  Toronto businesses and companies and organizations are using timeclock systems like biometric time clocks, computerized time clocks, electronic time clocks, time clock software and more.  To our Toronto customers and other Canadian customers, we also offer systems from makers like Lathem, Pyramid, Icon Time, Amano, Acroprint, and more. 

Vancouver Business Time Clocks

Vancouver is also an important part of our business and strategy.  Businesses in Vancouver have trusted our customer service and high quality product line.  Businesses and organizations in Vancouver use time clock systems to organize their back office operations, increase productivity and more.  Vancouver Canada business is a thriving and growing market and is very important to us.  If you are part of a Vancouver business or organization, we welcome you to browse our catalogue and see our products today.  

The Lathem PC100 Badge Entry Time system is a robust, full featured system.  It handles complex overtime calculations, time adjustments and is highly configurable.  The system can be interfaced with systems such as Quickbooks and Excell.  This system interfaces with systems such as ADP, Paychex, and more.  The system includes detailed reports for not only departments, but also individual employees.  Time and attendance combined with robust technology, it is so easy and affordable. Canadian businesses are trusting our products to drive their timeclock systems.  Acroprint ATRx Secure PunchIn biometric system.  Biometric Time Clock System. 

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