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Time Clock Service and Repair

Employee time clock repairs: This is the place for discount employee time clock repairs, or fast time clock repairs. We refurbish employee time clocks. We sell used time clocks, and we sell used employee time clocks.

We have a fully equipped professional repair shop with over $25,000 in parts and supplies. We are decedents of office machine repairmen. We were born to do this. Please call us before you call the time clock maintenance man. Even if you did not purchase the time clock from us, we will try to help you. We understand that your employee time clock is valuable to your company. This can be one of the most overlooked tools in your business. When the clock stops, so does profit and productivity, not to mention the headaches you get with an incorrect payroll.

Our knowledgeable technicians will be happy to discuss your needs and concerns. You may qualify to get a secured loaner clock from us shipped the same day until yours comes back, repaired. In some cases, we can offer you technical support contracts. Our job is to make Your job easier. If you can ship it, we can fix it. We take pride in our work.

We have a large selection of parts for obsolete machines as well as a full time of parts for units currently in production. We regularly draw from our extensive collection of salvaged and surplus units to supply older machines that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Have you been told that parts are no longer available? We just might have them. They just don't make things like the used to, and repairing an older dependable machine is often worthwhile. We stock circuit boards for most time date stamps and time recorders.

We supply signature plates, custom dies, etchings, and artwork for time stamps, check signers, check writers, check certifiers, and similar machines. We have replacement programs and EPROMS available for Amano MJR and Icon Time Calculators. We stock higher quality alternatives to many OEM parts that are hard or impossible to obtain from the manufacturer. We have thousands of used parts and parts machines available - at reasonable prices. Please e-mail us with your requirements.

We stock time clock motors, keys, push pawls, springs, movements, wheels, frames, platens, hands, locking nuts, washers, shims, wire nuts, crystals, wire blocks, ribbons, ribbon spools, ribbon take up assemblies, card alignment parts, minute impulse motors, card feed motors, card roller wheels, time cards, custom time cards, time card racks, dial plate assemblies, plungers, Amano PR600 Watchman clock keys, Rapidprint Year Wheels, weight assemblies, coils, feet, locks, clock faces, master clock parts, slave clock parts, cases, keypads, switches, fuses, month wheels for Acroprint, batteries of all sorts of employee time clocks that are always new.

We stock batteries for Amano CP3000, Lathem Sonachron, Latham Sonachron, ISGUS, Amano MJR, Lathem 7000e, Lathem DWA-H, and more. We also have replacement keypads and display boards for the Lathem, Amano, Acroprint, EPM, TimeCalculator, and other machines. If you need time clock parts, you have found the right place to get them.

We can rebuild your time clock, and we guarantee our work. We repair the machine then we test it. Once it passes our tests, it is shipped back to you. If you are unhappy with your local service, or just don't know who to call, call us for time clock repairs. Call us for a quote today. We'll ask questions to get a reasonable idea of what it will truly cost, rather than just offer a generic price, one price to fix all. You'll like us, we're verifiably honest. Employee Time Clocks, master clocks, and watchman systems: It's what we do.

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