Acroprint ES1000 Battery
Acroprint ES1000 NiCad Battery Pack

Acroprint ES1000 Full Power Reserve Battery. This is the "back up battery" in event of power failure. Runs up to 24 hours or 400 punches - plenty of time, either way.

Our Price: $49.00
p/n 58-0108-000


Acroprint ES1000 8 to 24 hour battery backup

Run your machine for up to 400 punches in event of losing power.
Note:  This is not designed to be used as a portable clock, unless you have 110V on-site.

There is a connector in the back of the machine, behind an easy to remove panel.

Remove the panel, click the connector, tuck the battery in the box, close it up. 
Start using it right away while powered by AC. 
Once it has charged for a few hours, you are good-to-go.