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How to reach us:  Employee Time Clocks.com is an internet store, part of:

Florida Time Clock, Inc.

Datax Center                                      Shipping Address:
10300 49th Street N.                           Florida Time Clock, Inc.
POB 513                                              85 Fox Water Trail
Clearwater, FL  33762                         Saint Augustine, FL 32086
Toll-Free:  800 682 3389

Monday - Thursday:  8:00AM - 6:30PM    Eastern Standard Time (NYC time zone)
Friday:                         8:00AM - 4:00PM
Saturday:                    Yes, Saturdays!  By appointment.

Employee Time Clocks is the internet division of  Florida Time Clock, Inc. Our reputation relies primarily on honesty and efficiency.  Our attention to detail sets us apart. We only put our name on equipment that is worthy of our endorsement.

Employee Time Clocks originally provided service to the west coast of Central Florida, but now has expanded to nationwide service.  We have equipment running worldwide, from the Situation Room in the White House, to Pago Pago Samoa, and all points in between.

We were one of the original members of the NTEA (National Time Equipment Association), which later became the ITLMA, of which ADP, Kronos, and Paychex are also members. We work hand in hand with government agencies, HR people, business owners and managers, and Private Employment Organizations (PEO's).  We link our software to ADP, Quickbooks, Paychex, Excel, and other export formats. Our focus is on timekeeping products.

Products and manufacturers that we have experience with include: Acroprint, ADP, Amano, Badges, Bells, Biometrics, Cincinnati, DAU, Detex, Edwards,  HP1000, HP2000, HP3000, Hand Punch, Icon Time Systems, Inception, Isgus,  Lathem, Lathem 7000e,  Master Clocks, MJR 7000, MJR8000, Morse, National, Net Time, Neuman, PC Punch, Pico, PIX 10, PIX 15, Precision, Perforators, PR600, Proximity Cards, Pyramid, PTR, Quickbooks, Racks, RSI, Sonachron, Rapidprint, Ribbons, Simplex, Slave Clocks, TCX11, TCX21, TCX22, Time Cards, Time Clock Ribbons, Watchman Clocks, Workshift Timers, Workshift Bells, Workshift Bells, and Web Punch clocks. We used to sell Widmer Time equipment, we still sell supplies for those machine.

If you have heard of it, odds are we have already tried and evaluated it. We stock a large collection of loaner machines and rentals, as well.

Our products can be described as employee time clocks, punch clocks, biometric terminals, electronic time clocks, battery powered time clocks, time stamp clocks, and all the accessories to go with them like employee badges, time cards, time clock ribbon, laminating supplies, and more.  Read about our time clock styles here >> Time Clock Styles.

Company Philosophy:

We take 100% ownership of every issue that comes across our desks, and follow it through to completion.  This feverish attention to detail and accountability sets us apart from all of our competitiors.

Employee Time Clocks promotes diversity. We encourage our employees to participate in local civic organizations. These include: various social and community development projects and committees.  We give back as much as we can to improve our community.  We believe that through helping others attain their goals, we will also reach ours.

SAMS Registration:  
SAMS#    783625627 / 7HE23