Citadel GT2000 uAttend GT2000
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Touchscreen Time Clock with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, RFID Reader and Citadel Cloud Software. FREE SHIPPING USA-48 states, PR and Washington DC.

Citadel Time Clocks

Citadel offers innovative time clocking systems that are hosted online, eliminating the need for tedious software installations while ensuring efficient management of attendance information through several features:

Access & Convenience

Employees can sign in from any device with internet connectivity for record keeping entry whenever they report or apply for leave requests.

Real-time tracking - Our system provides results on clock-in/out times coupled with regular breaks effectively ensuring labor regulations compliance always.

Customization Settings- Beyond merely basic functions such as defining daily schedules, Citadel's time tracking solution includes options like configuring overtime rules fitting your business model's specific needs.

Payroll Integration- With our integrated platform services facilitating payroll processing involves reduced manual efforts since the platform automatically transfers employee hourly details without human intervention; this cuts room for errors.

Reporting & Analytics Our reporting section generates comprehensive reports on a variety of important aspects such as productivity levels, labor cost, and attendance patterns. This data empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions in optimizing their workforce management strategies.

Security & Data Protection

Citadel acknowledges the sensitivity of employee data and therefore prioritize their protection. By using encryption methods as well as other security measures, we ensure that unauthorized parties do not access our web-hosted data.

Scalability: Our solutions are scalable to fit both small- and large-scale businesses - whether it's accommodating their growing workforce or simply allowing for potential business expansion. As a business expands, the capacity of the system to manage the rising number of employees and data volume increases seamlessly.

Citadel invariably extends customer support services that comprise setting up the system, training, and addressing any troubleshooting issues for a hassle-free implementation and ongoing assistance whenever required.

It is important to acknowledge that certain features and offerings may differ based on a selected Citadel web-hosted time clocking system or plan. For precise and latest information, it is advisable to visit their official website or reach out to their sales representatives for clarification.