Citadel GT2000 uAttend GT2000
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Touchscreen Time Clock with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, RFID Reader and Citadel Cloud Software. FREE SHIPPING USA-48 states, PR and Washington DC.

Citadel Time Clocks

Employee Time Clocks is a proud reseller of Citadel time clocks and has extensive experience working on these systems. Citadel offers a web-hosted time system for remote locations. These products can accommodate Wi-Fi, ethernet, PIN, RFID Badge, and fingerprint biometric features, and they offer reliable and accurate recordkeeping. As with all Employee Time Clocks products, we do not sell anything that we have not thoroughly tested ourselves. Order now and learn about our free shipping as well.

We are also a time clock repair shop with decades of experience, including working with Citadel time clock systems. Reach out to our team with any time system issues, and we will be happy to help. We are a retailer with the experience and keen attention to detail that will get your system fixed quickly.