TimePilot Extreme Blue TimePilot Extreme Blue
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TimePilot Extreme Blue self-contained contractor site employee time clock system. Bluetooth wireless technology. Free Shipping USA-48 States
  TimePilot Extreme TimePilot Extreme Blue II Enhanced Clock
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TimePilot Extreme Blue II BlueTooth Enhanced remote contractor time clock system. For larger organizations, and those with multiple worksites. Free Shipping USA-48 states. In stock, fast shipping.
  TAP+ TimePilot TAP System
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Time Pilot Tap* ExactTime alternative, fits in your pocket, sits on the truck console, lives in the glove box, etc. Durable, vibration proof, rechargeable. Includes upgraded "Pro" software.
  TimePilot Vetro TimePilot Vetro
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USA Made TimePilot Vetro. 1000 employee capacity. Employee PIN numbers or secure iButton keyfobs. Temporarily on back order. Orders will ship immediately when inventory becomes available.

TimePilot's Battery-Powered Remote

Off-site, Remote Location Contractor Time Clocks

Invented, Designed, and Built IN U.S.A.

Remote contractors require speedy and effortless timekeeping methods that deliver on accuracy - precisely what you'll get at TimePilot through our innovative time clocks designed explicitly for external contractors like you! Our product lineup includes two distinct devices: TimePilot Extreme Blue and TimePilot Tap - both structured to cater uniquely to the significant requirements of remote contractors. Every employee is given an iButton, a compact device that conveniently attaches to their keychain.

With the Tap+ Starter Kit, including ten iButtons, managing up to two thousand employees is effortless! Clocking in and out is as simple as tapping the employee's iButton on either IN or OUT Probe.

The Tap+'s massive storage capacity stands out: capable of storing up to twelve thousand punches between downloads! That equates roughly to nineteen months' worth of punches (clocking in and out four times each day) for twenty-five employees!

Our battery-powered Tap+ clock goes above and beyond in providing convenience. Only occasional charging is needed for it delivered through connecting it quickly and easily into your computer. To top it off, our additional USB cable included permits effortless data transfer from your Tap+ clock directly into TimePilot's central software.

You'll love our software's features that allow efficient time management activities such as punch editing or insertion capabilities and comprehensive performance reporting options based on specific departments or employee locations. Our software likewise makes exporting punch data seamless into popular payroll processing packages like QuickBooks or Paychex.

Finally, you're sure business operations will never suffer a single moment thanks to its rechargeable battery optimized for long-term use (up to one year) coupled with non-volatile memory preservation technology - perfect datastore management regardless of how demanding your work site might get!