TimePilot Vetro
TimePilot Vetro

TimePilot Vetro 1000 employees. Employee PIN numbers or secure iButton keyfobs. Cloud App using DropBox available. 30 day factory money back guarantee. Excellent value! Free Shipping USA. In stock.

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TimePilot Vetro

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Click 384 TP Employee iButtons - 10TP Employee iButtons - 10$59.00
Click 385 TP Employee iButtons - 30TP Employee iButtons - 30$149.00
Click 386 TP Employee iButtons - 50TP Employee iButtons - 50$249.00
Click 387 TP Employee iButtons - 100TP Employee iButtons - 100$449.00
Click 395 TimePilot PoEPower over Ethernet adapter$29.95
Click 376 TimePilot Enterprise SoftwareTimePilot Enterprise Software upgrade$149.00
Click 389 TimePilot Extended Support AgreementTimePilot Extended Support Agreement$149.00


TimePilot Vetro:  Versitile Office and Remote Time Clock System

TimePilot Vetro comes with the TimePilot Retail software.
You can easily upgrade it to Enterprise, see the Software Comparison and INFO tabs, above.



The TimePilot Vetro clock is attached to a wall and powered by an electrical outlet. 
Employees can can punch IN and OUT by either of two ways: 


  • By tapping their iButton to the "IN" or "OUT" probes at the bottom of the clock
  • or by entering a unique four-digit ID code and pressing the IN or OUT button on the clock's keypad.


There are also two ways for supervisors to collect the punch data:


  • If you're using the system in "Standalone Mode" (not cabled to your network), the supervisor plugs their TimePilot USB drive in to the port on right  side of the clock, enters their password and instructs the clock to transfer (download) its data to the USB Drive.  Once complete, they plug the USB drive in to their computer, where it's imported into the TimePilot software.  The clock's memory can hold 15,000 transactions.
  • If you've cabled the system to your network, the data is collected automatically and imported in to the TimePilot software.
    TimePilot Vetro Connection.jpg

Once your punch records are in the TimePilot software, supervisors can review the records, make any corrections necessary, generate reports, and prepare it for payroll.

Complete package includes one TimePilot Vetro Clock, Retail Software, 10 iButtons, USB drive, power supply, owners manual and Quick Start Guide.

Available TimePilot exports:

QuickBooks               Peachtree
ADP                            ADP TimeSaver
Paychex Preview      PayChoice
Paylocity                   ComputerEase
Paycor                      SAP-Thrive
Evolution                  Paytime
Sage 50                    .CSV


TimePilot TimeCentral software screenshots - Click to view.

Detailed Punch Report       Punch List            Add A Punch          Employee Setup
Time Pilot Detailed Punch Report.jpg     Time Pilot Employee-Punch-List.jpg    Time Pilot Add A Punch.jpg      Time Pilot Employee-Setup.jpg

Punch Alerts                     Overtime              California OT            Advanced CA OT

Time Pilot Alerts.jpg     Time Pilot OT Policy Setup.jpg     Time Pilot California OT.jpg   Time Pilot Unique California OT Rules.jpg


TiimePilot Vetro comes with the TimePilot Retail Edition.
You can upgrade to Enterprise for just $149.00!  ^Click on our "INFO" tab for the links, above.^



Runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

Enterprise INFORMATION links: (all screens open in .pdf and .jpg formats)
Enterprise is the available upgrade.

TimePilot Pro and Enterprise Software as a Service on a network

Multiple levels of access - Managers, Supervisors, Administrators: 
INFO.pdf       INFO.jpg

Connection with Cloud services like Dropbox (and Dropbox link): 
INFO.pdf      INFO.jpg

Supervisors can indicate approval of a transaction: 
INFO.pdf     INFO.jpg

Enhanced reports:
Tardy, Job Site, Out Time, Late/Early, Daily Timesheet: 
INFO.pdf     INFO.jpg