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"Lost time is never found again." Benjamin Franklin
Source:  Franklin, B. (1757). "Poor Richards Almanack."

Mission Statement
Our Job
 is to make YOUR Job easier. We do this by providing comprehensive product information and over-the-top technical support, at the same time doing this at web-competitive prices.

We sell employee time clock systems, punch clocks, basic and custom designed work shift timers, and guard tour systems. We provide service (repairs), technical advice, and decades of experience. We are not Cleveland Time aka Cleveland Time Clock. They recently closed.  Our nearest service center is in Albany, NY, just two days away by UPS. We have service centers in Jacksonville, Florida and in Albany, NY.  Service, Supplies, repairs, and new machines are just 1 to 2 days away by UPS and FedEx.

We can help you get beyond paper time sheets once and for all. We specialize in time and attendance systems; from traditional punch clocks to web hosted time clock systems by Amano, uAttend and Citadel clock, master clocks, work shift timers, shift change bells, and guard tour systems, and many other employee clock-in systems. We sell time clock work shift buzzers. Our selection of timesheet technology, time clock ribbons, RFID badges and time clock time cards are the best you will find.

Office hours: 8:00 AM - 6 PM, Monday-Thursday, 5PM on Friday. Our objective is to be the Internet's most comprehensive source of time clock system information. We believe we have accomplished that goal. We update this website every day. We hope that by providing you with everything you need to know to make the right decision, that we will win your business.

Cleveland Time Clock has closed.  We sell and service - we repair Amano MJR time clocks, hand punch clocks, for Cleveland area customers.  We have offices in Albany NY and Jacksonville, Florida.  2 to 3 day shipping on Amano time clock repairs to and from Cleveland.  Call us today.  They quit, we didn't, we want your business.



Technical Support:
We have personally tested these systems. We can also repair this equipment, including employee clock-in systems. Look closely at the product descriptions. Click on the links, print out pages and have discussions. We research the products and provide you with the details. Call us. If we do not know the answer, we will conference you in with someone who does. We are on your side.

We use uAttend web hosted time clock technology, and peer-to-peer error checking technology.  Amano is still the best there is for scalabliity, usability, and reliability for standard time clocks. Amano uses all current Windows platforms.  We get calls, but we have no capacity to fix watches, wall clocks, or grandfather clocks.  Please, call your local jeweler for those things. We get calls....

We have written our own custom installation and operation manuals for many time clock systems. If you ever have any follow-up questions about these products, even if it is beyond the warranty, give us a call.

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We repair Amano MJR time clocks in the Albany NY metropolitan region. MJR service in Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Queensbury and Warren, Washington, Fort Ann, Balston Spa, Burlington Vermont, Rutland, Schenectady, Hudson Falls, Fulton, Hamilton, Lake Placid, Catskill, Hudson, Troy. All other areas: We repair Amano MJR time clocks in our shop in Jacksonville Florida and in our Albany NY offices

We drive to on-site Hand Punch and Amano MJR repairs in Albany NY, Saratoga Springs, and that general region of NY.Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Queensbury and Warren, Washington, Fort Ann, Balston Spa, Burlington Vermont, Rutland, Schenectady, Hudson Falls, and Troy.  You can also ship these machines to our Albany NY and/or our southeast office, Saint Augustine, FL.

We sell synchronized wall clocks and wi-fi clock systems

See our selection of master clocks, wifi time and attendance systems, web-hosted time clocks, remote time clock systems, employee clock-in systems, and more. We stock all these, plus biometric clocks, facial recognition access control clocks, self totaling time clocks, and time clock parts.
Time Clock Payroll Exports:
Our computerized time clocks export to .csv, ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks, PeachTree, Paychex Preview, Sage, Excel, Paychex002, and others, including Quickbooks for Canada. Call us if you do not see your export on the product information page.

Web Hosted Time Clocks. 
Our web hosted time clocks are easy to use and inexpensive to run. These powerful time clocking systems will organize your company! We stock the uAttend time and attendance system. We sell and we repair, Schlage hand punch clocks.

We have direct experience with the following manufacturers: Acroprint, Amano, Citadel, Detex, Icon, Isgus, Lathem, Pyramid, Rapidprint, TimePilot, Time Sheets,  uAttend, and Widmer. We understand and can help you chose between all the choices in punch clocks, self totaling time clocks, computerized time clocks, synchronized clocks, biometric clocks, fingerprint clocks, access control systems, master clocks, shop clocks, shop timers, watchman clocks, and we stock many time clock parts. We sell atomic clocks and the new Lathem 7500 automatic time clock. We sell Detex ProxiPen, TopGuard, and Detex Reliant Plus watchman clock systems. We stock time clock parts including Lathem motors, Acroprint motors, Rapidprint motors and Simplex motors. Also general Acroprint parts, lathem parts, and other time clock machine parts.

Jobsite Contractor clocks - construction clocks.are designed to work outdoors and remotely, like a remote time clock. Many of them run on batteries. The Citadel tablet time clocks, uAttend smartphone app, Amano PIX25-A022 portable car/van punch clock, and TimePilot portable contractor clocks do this.

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