Lathem Dial Plate Assembly
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Lathem Dial Plate Assembly. Models 2000, 3000, and 4000. If the hands spin freely, this is the part. Unfortunately, it is no longer available.

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Dial Plate

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Lathem Dial Plate Assembly, these are genuine Lathem parts. 

p/n VIS001
We sell many commonly replaced Lathem Time Clock parts

Does the face just spin and spin? 
If so, this is what you need

  • Remove a few (8) screws and the minute hand nut
  • Do this alone, no professional serviceman is required
  • We can help you over the phone
  • Takes about 15 minutes for time clock “newbies“
  • As this is no longer available, you should be able to find a very used complete mechanical Lathem punch clock on Amazon or eBay for cheap.
    This part rarely breaks, so it's likely you could scavange one from an old clock and put it on your also-old clock.  We do not sell used parts.

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How to repair your Lathem time clock in 5 easy steps:
Tools:  A 1/4" nut driver, or small pliers, and a small Phillips head screw driver

Lathem-Dial-Plate-Assembly-Repair-1.jpg      Lathem-Dial-Plate-Assembly-Repair-2.jpg

Lathem-Dial-Plate-Assembly-Repair-3.jpg      Lathem-Dial-Plate-Assembly-Repair-4.jpg