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SP-250™ Electronic Time & Date Stamp

Icon Time Systems® SP-250™ Electronic Time & Date Stamp


Unlimited Employees

The SP-250 is a modern mechanical time clock and indispensable business tool all in one. Communicate with employees via 13 preprogrammed or infinite custom messages, in six different language options. For time-sensitive materials, the SP-250 stamps date, time and messages on any document or form.

Easy to setup

The SP-250 is ready to go, right out of the box. Just follow the easy to understand step-by-step instructions in the User Manual, mount on the wall or table and you’re ready to go.

Easy to clock IN or OUT

Employees can use the illuminated printing area to ensure proper timecard alignment. The electric coil print system punches cards precisely, ensuring accurate timekeeping for payroll.

Easy to grow

The SP-250 supports unlimited employees. 
Just slide in the card, automatically stamps, and you are done.

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