Icon RTC1000 Linux Web Employee Time Clock
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The Icon RTC1000 can be configured for Canada's Overtime rules
Icon started the computer time clock industry in 1987.
Twenty years later, this is the next step.  It's here, this is it. 

This is: A Remote Controlled Computer Punch Clock: 
Connect it to your network, run it from ANY computer.
Microsoft Windows, Apple, Linux - it runs on everything 
Many features, including:
You retrieve reports directly from your web browser.  Instant reporting, know who's IN whenever you ask. 
No time cards needed - but ours are guaranteed for life.
It shows “hours worked“ for each employee, every time they punch Out.

RTC-1000 Remote_Time_Clock allows viewing and editing of payroll data through Web-enabled devices: Mac or Windows PC, cell phone, Blackberry, and more
Proactive automatic alerts ensures your business information is secure and readily accessible RTC-1000 offers unlimited supervisor access, real-time data viewing, and other options to improve your Time & Attendance Process

No Software Required, it is contained in the time clock terminal
Starts with 50 Employees - Upgradeable to 100, then to 500

Supports ALL Pay Periods
Communicate via Ethernet, USB, Internet, or Serial Port
Includes 6' Ethernet and 15' USB cables.  
The 50' Serial cable is an option
Automatically alerts manager of Overtime, Missed Punches, and more.
Add e-mailing of alerts with additional upgrades

Add notes to punch data for tracking exceptions and other important dates
Keypad or Proximity-Badge Entry
Calculates Standard, Overtime, and California OT hours
1-Year hardware warranty and 60 day software support.