Why buy from us?

Why buy from Employee Time Clocks.com? 

We offer a few good reasons:
We give a damn. We are not reading from catalogues or owners manuals. We are ADULTS who have been working with business managers and owners for over forty years.

We have been in business since 1991. 1990 was the year of experimentation.  A lot of time was spent in the public library, looking through journals, mapping out a business plan, long before windows computers.  It was a lucky break that this company got started, and also lucky that I, the founder, had no idea how much work it would take.

Today we sell time clocks and time and attendance systems to private businesses, cruise lines, schools, tme clocks for court houses, work shift timers for manufactuiing, web hosted time clock systems for multiple locations and PEO companies, and watchman clock guard tour systems.

You might like our style.  Visit our website, www.employeetimeclocks.com and www.floridatimeclock.com   And www.watchmanclocks.com  and www.wirelessmasterclocks.com   This is what you get when you have a mind that never rests.