We purchased Peninsula Time Clock and Industrial Specialties.

Peninsula Time Clock, Industrial Specialties, Tampa Time Clocks

We are them.  Florida Time Clock is the parent company of the above companies.  Florida Time Clock, Inc. is our corporate citizen name.  Under this name are Employee Time Clocks.com, www. wirelessmasterclocks.com, www.peninsulatimeclock.com, Industrial Specialties, Tampa Time Clocks (and time clocks tampa), www.watchmanclocks.com, www.timeclockscanada.com and a few others.  Our prices are the same on all websites.  We came up with this strategy in 1996, and have been developing, building it, ever since.  With no one to guide us, we made it up as we went along.  The last thing the old guys in the business wanted was a clueless young guy with the resources to work a few years without taking a paycheck to get a business off the ground.  They thought I was an army, I was just motivated, and thrilled to be doing my own thing.

It's not entirely an academic, marketing boxes exercise.  We actually do the work!

One man started this company, hired his first employee William Bill Lawrick from our biggest competitor, Edwards Time Clock of Tampa, Florida in 1992.  Bill taught me the basics, and a lot of business savvy, over the next 10 years, when bless his heart, he retired and moved to Arkansas.  They were some of the most fun years of my life. Dashing out on service calls from 7AM until 6PM, 4 to 5 days a week.  We didn't get rich, but we got by, fed our families, and had a lot of fun.  Now, at 64, I am the age of my friend when I hired him - I was maybe 38 back then, and I see the energy in the upcoming generation, the younger people that work here.

Call us, we have decades of business knowledge, sage, experience to share.  And we are PROGRESSIVE.  Always inventing the future, testing ideas, moving forward.