Computer Time Clock

Computerized time clocks started back in 1987 with the introduction of Icon Time Clocks first system, the EPM Digital Time Calculator.  This was a self contained time recorder with a simple PIN entry and direct to printer design.  It offered a 40 employee limit, departments, and a simple weekly and bi-weekly pay period.  While looking very simple by todays standards, it was a technological breakthrough.  No one else had done it before, and even more incredible, it was designed by a recent college graduate who was all of 21 years old, Andrew King of Portland, Oregon.

Slow forward to 1993, Andrew wrote the first DOS program for this machine and changed the company name to Icon Time Systems.  The system expanded to 80 employees, 99 departments, multiple overtime calculations, and floating OT calculation to compensate for semi-monthly and custom pay cycles, plus it was easier to work with as you could now edit the employees, rules, and punches on the computer.

During this time, many others followed his lead either intentionally, or just because the technology was evolving all around us.  Kronos, Time America, Acroprint, and Stromberg, just to name a few, came in to the market during the early 1990's.  The one thing that set Icon Time Systems apart, was that it stayed true to its mission:  Develop and sell an easy to run time and attendance system, that is also very affordable.  In 2007, it is now the industry leader in sales, and in customer satisfaction.

We are proud to be Icon's longest and oldest full system reseller. 

Below is one (of many) creative brochure that Andrew and his West-Coast team came up with, around 2004.  It still applies today, as does their work-smart-enjoy-life attitude.  If you're good at what you do, you can have fun.  We practice this every day at Employee Time Clocks.  We love what we do, and it shows.