The benefits of a Computerized Time Clock System

If you are reading this, then you are learning about self totaling time clock systems.  Employee Time is a d.b.a. of Florida Time Clock, Inc., established back in 1991.  Check us out at, we are 100% legitimate.

What qualifies a business to actually need a self totaling time clock system:
Simple math qualifies the investment:
1) Over 5 employees.  Under 5, you can do it in about an hour a week.
Each time card takes about 3 minutes to total and check. 
5 cards, 3 minutes, 50 weeks:  That is 750 minutes a year, 12.5 hours a year, just adding up time cards.  Now go to 10 employees and you are at 3 days a year.
2) The machines do not make mistakes, but you do.
Think you're smart?  I punch in at 7:05 and out for lunch at 12:01.  What's my pay?
You can't do it in you head all that easily, and you can't do it on the adding machine, either.
The self totaling clock will immediately tell you the answer is 4:56  It will also convert the total in to a more useful answer, 4.60 hours (multiply that by their hourly wage yourself, or let the software do it for you). Sure beats 4:56 x 12.65/hr.
3) The machines don't pad the time, your people do.  It's human nature.
4) The machine, most of them, can deduct a lunch break if they forget to punch out.
5) Some machines have IN-PUNCH ROUNDING, so that “Joe“ punches in early, and does not start getting paid time until the whistle blows.

There is so much more.  Take a look at our website, give us a call, we are glad to answer your questions, and help you select the best system for your particular need.