Remote Time Clocks

Remote Location Time Clocks - Track off site, and from home, roaming location employees. Use GeoFencing, confirm they are where they areĀ supposed to be.

Remote location time clocks allow employees to clock in and out from anywhere, which is particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations or remote employees. These systems often use cloud-based software and can provide detailed reports to help manage employee time, attendance, and payroll more effectively. As of my last training data in 2021, here are some options from the companies you mentioned:

  1. uAttend:

    • uAttend's cloud-based time and attendance solutions support businesses of all sizes. They offer various methods for clocking in, including biometric (fingerprint or facial recognition), RFID cards, PIN, or through a web browser or mobile application.
    • With the uAttend mobile app, employees can clock in and out remotely. The app also offers GPS location tracking for verification purposes.
    • The system can provide real-time reports to help businesses track and manage labor costs and productivity.
  2. Citadel:

    • Citadel offers a cloud-based time and attendance system that allows employees to clock in and out using a tablet, smartphone, or PC, in addition to their biometric and card clocking terminals.
    • The system supports GPS location tracking to verify where an employee was when they clocked in or out.
    • Citadel's cloud-based system also includes features for managing absences, scheduling shifts, and generating detailed payroll reports.
  3. Amano:

    • Amano offers several time and attendance solutions, including the Amano Time Guardian which is an employee time tracking system designed to minimize payroll management.
    • Amano's system allows employees to clock in and out through various methods, including proximity cards, barcodes, magnetic stripe cards, biometrics, and PIN entry.
    • As of 2021, Amano does not seem to have a specific product line dedicated to remote location time clocking like uAttend or Citadel. However, their products can integrate with other systems to support remote clocking and they offer mobile-friendly software solutions.

Always remember to check the most recent product offerings and updates from these companies, as they might have introduced new features or products after my last update in 2021. Always consider your specific needs and requirements when choosing a system for your business.