Remote Time Clocks

October, 2007:
Remote time clocks are designed for locations where there is no readily available power.
No Power, No Problem.  These machines can run without recharging anywhere from 2 weeks to a year.
What you do is post a remote time clock at that remote location, then Punch IN or Punch OUT using anything from a paper time card, to a key fob, swipe badge, or a simple PIN number.

Another version of the Remote Time Clock would be for a remote office.
Standard power is available, and then we just need a telephone line, or perhaps your office is on a Wide Area Network (WAN), where all the computers share files on the server back at the home office.

This is one simple design, and it uses software. 


The employee carrys a keyfob.

The reader is inside the locked box.  You just open the box and bring this weatherproof reader back to the office, sit it on the download (data transfer) unit, and the punches are brought in to the software.
There are others, we have them.  This works well.