Dear Icon Time Dealers,
Thank you for all of the efforts you have been putting forth this quarter.  We are well on our way to having record sales!
To aid you with your quoting and presentations we have recently updated our web site with many of the accolades we have received last year.  Please feel free to reference your customers to this page, or use the articles for your promotional literature. http://www.icontime.com/about/articles.asp
Some things you may not know, but are now covered at the above page, are that Icon Time Systems was listed as the 9th fastest growing Oregon technology company this year.  We also made our first appearance on the Inc. Magazine fast growing 5000.
As many of you learnt this past month that among the many unique features that the RTC 1000 comes standard with, this web-enabled time clock can also be easily accessed over the internet, with the set up of a public IP address, in addition to the fact that the time clock also comes standard with the USB, Ethernet & Serial connection options!