Lathem DWA-H Digital Work Alerter wiring and other information

Lathem DWA-H Replacement - you have choices!

32 events, spread over 7 days.  One setting for the horn sounding duration.  You can have it stay quiet on Sundays, run Monday - Friday, and perhaps only 4 times on Saturday.  The battery MUST be changed every year - we recommend the 9 volt Duracell, RadioShack or Eveready. It has to be reset for daylight savings by you.

The Lathem Digital Work Alerter with the built-in 88 decibal horn is by itself, a good solution for many small shops.  Small ends at 5,000 square feet in place where you can carry on a non-shouting conversation.

In facilities where it is louder, then you need to add an external horn or bell.  The diagram below breaks out the manufacturers schematic, and with added notes, it makes a tricky enhancement, easy.

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