The Future of the Employee Time Clock Industry, a vision in 2007

Amano Dealer Focus, Continued.

November , 2007  Florida Time Clock, Inc.

In the future, management will know where you are, easily and all the time

Leave the premises, or go to a break room, and you will be automatically clocked OUT.  Paid breaks will be automated and governed by where you are, and for how long, eliminating time theft.  This also solves buddy_punching issues.  We will be selling wireless arrays, or be integrating with other shared systems.  Many common appliances will become data collection devices on the global network, all constantly monitory information then routing it as the software recognizes it.  Remember, the WEB as we are using it, is essentially only 12 years old, or so.  The military is developing more reliable MASH network technology models in Iraq.  WEB2 and the GRID are currently being rolled out to the public.  Eventually all this will become even more ubiquitous, yet will will still need even more layers of security.  The time clock dealers will be selling all this technology.

But what about old technology, traditional time clocks:
Time stamping equipment will be with us as long as there is potential for computer imaging fraud, or the desire for a physical document to take to a court room that has been embossed.  Traditional punch_clocks will be around for years to come.  Courthouses and industry will need these machines long in to the future, though not as much.

In Summary:  The individual time clock dealer will survive by their business instincts, education, and ability to innovate.  Those who pause or rest, will be out of business quickly.  Other partially related industries like the cash register business, are making inroads to our market.  We must continue to sell the value of our unique knowledge to the public to keep our industry alive.  The message we convey at Florida Time Clock is that payroll is the largest controllable expense there is.  With over 15 years of hands on experience, we are experts in this field.  We are specialists, we can help.  Amano has always been part of our product mix, and Amano has always been a good source of profits.  I fully expect we will continue to sell Amano products for the next 16 years.  Florida Time Clock will continue to grow, and Amano will be there with us, as it has been since the very first day.

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