How to easily program a Lathem Sonachron DWA-S workshift timer

Lathem Sonachron Timer model DWA-S

Program Security Access Code:  Mon | Wed | Fri | Run


First:      Make sure the battery is connected.
Second:  Leave Secured Control, Unsecured.
Third:     Install a security code, use MON-WED-FRI and press RUN to save it.

Fourth:  Set the Date and time, follow the prompts.


Remember the following:

ERASE EVENT deletes “events”.  Pushing on a day sets it. Push again and it's gone.

This shows on the display.  To save your work, press RUN.
Use FAST FWD to get within an hour of the event, then use SLOW FWD.

Tip:  Take your time, you will be done sooner.


Review your current bells and write them down before going any further.

Simply press:  PRGM REVIEW.  Each press will take you to the next event.

It will show you the time and days.


To ADD and event:
Enter the security code., press PRGM EVENTS

Use FAST FWD and SLOW FWD until you get to the correct event time.
Press each DAY button that you want it to ring. 
To save, just go to the next event by pressing either FWD button.
When they are all in, press RUN.


To ERASE an event:

Press the security access code, then press PRGM EVENTS
Press FAST FWD and SLOW FWD until you get to the desired time.
Press ERASE EVENT to delete it.


If you make a mistake, press RUN then start over.  To save your work, press RUN. This saves everything programmed to this point, included the error.  Scroll to the error time and change or delete it.


Remember:  Mon-Wed-Fri-Run.