Working Overtime without being paid, article

Here's a great deal:  How about working overtime without being paid...

At 1:18 p.m. ET today (August 20, 2004) on Dayside TV w/Linda Vester, Steve Brown reported from Chicago on new overtime rules which will go into effect on Monday.

Brown reported that anyone making less than $23,660 will continue to get overtime pay; those who make over $100,000 might not. Brown said: "That makes employees happy. Business owners, they aren't so sure." Brown reported that business owners, union and labor groups alike are confused by the new rules and that even large corporations are not sure if the new rules apply to them.

COMMENT: Brown's statement, "Business owners, they aren't so sure" is exactly the opposite of reality. Business owners love these new rules. Business owners stand to save millions of dollars in unpaid overtime wages, and workers in this country stand to lose. Here's one article from the Christian Science Monitor. There's lots of information on the Internet. Type in "overtime rules," and do a search. Read up on this. Watch your paycheck. Monitor whether or not you continue to be paid for any overtime worked. This is another "gift" to working Americans from the GOP. Too bad Fox didn't do a "fair and balanced" report on it. Pitty their poor viewers who will probably never know they soon could work hours for which they're never paid.

Joe here:
Well, of course, that's a bunch of crap.
It's about time salaried people stopped getting cheated.  It also shows how much things have changed in 15 years.  Fast forward to 2019, you couldn't afford to live anywhere but with your parents for $24,000 a year.  Henry Ford, no saint by any stretch of the imagination, realized that he would have more customers if he paid his employees more money.  40 years after Reganomics, Trickle-Down Theory, Voo-Doo economics (George Bush Sr), the idea of gypping the middle class is now gutting this country.  Decaying roads, understaffed schools, crap social policies trying to keep elderly people from starving to death or freezing in the winter.

Pay your employees what they are worth.