Time Pilot Remote Battery Punch clock Q & A

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General questions

Q. Why should I buy TimePilot instead of a competitor?
A. Lots of reasons: TimePilot is less expensive, offers more features and requires virtually no maintenance (unlike punch card clocks!).
Other reasons:

  • The iButton. Employees and supervisors like the iButton--it isn't bulky like a magstripe or bar code card, is virtually indestructible and can be reused as employees leave the company or are hired.
  • Up to 2,000 employees. Many of our competitors' systems have far lower limits on the number of employees. TimePilot's system can handle as many as 2,000, with or without iButtons.
  • Distance. TimePilot Standard's base station can be as far as 4,000 feet from the PC; our competitors limit their systems to a hundred feet or so.
  • Who's In/Who's Out. We've found that many of our TimePilot Standard and TimePilot PC customers don't think about the Who's In/Who's Out feature of the software when they buy the system, but they find that it's very valuable once they start using it. No other time and attendance system offers it, and it's as valuable for supervisors of salaried employees as for hourly employees.

Q. Do you install TimePilot systems?
A. We've designed the system to be installed by the user. If you can hang a picture, run a cable and plug in a telephone, you can do it. There are complete instructions in the installation manuals. For the TimePilot Extreme manual in PDF format, click here; click here for the TimePilot Standard manual; and here for the TimePilot PC manual, click here

Q. Do I need to use the iButton for the system to work?
A. No. We have some customers who don't use the iButton at all. All employees are automatically assigned a four-digit ID number, and you can assign them Personal Identification Numbers that they can enter on the keypad to clock in and out. The iButton is purely an option, although many of our customers like it.

Q. How far from my computer can I have my TimePilot Standard time clock station?
A. The farthest time clock station can be as far as 4,000 feet from the computer.

Q. Do you interface with ADP payroll software?
A. Yes. TimePilot can export data than can be read by ADP PC/Payroll software versions 2.5 and 3.5. We also interface with many other brands of accounting and payroll software and services. For a list, click here.

Q. Does TimePilot work on systems running Citrix or Terminal Server?
A. Not at this time.

Q. I just want to replace my punch clock with something that's faster and needs less maintenance. I don't need to use it with a payroll program. Is TimePilot the system for me?
A. It sure is! TimePilot Extreme, TimePilot Standard and TimePilot PC are much faster than a punch clock system and require virtually maintenance. (Just think: No need to buy cards and no ink to refill!) They can create a simple report with your employees and their work hours on it or a report with as many as 100 different categories. You don't need to use them with payroll software, but if you ever decide to go to a payroll program, TimePilot will be ready for you.

Q. What's the In/Out Manager? Do I have to use it?
A. The In/Out Manager started its life as a way for hospitals to keep track of their employees--it was a simple way to tell if Dr. Smith, for instance, was on duty or not. We added it to the TimePilot software as a bonus for our customers. It is installed as a part of the TimePilot program and must be kept running on the PC attached to the TimePilot time clock station for the clock to be functional. It's up to you whether you use it or not. Many customers find it far more valuable than they expected.

Q. What reports can the TimePilot software create?
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