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. What reports can the TimePilot software create?
A. Reports come in three main categories, all of which include multiple options:
  • Employee report. This is a printable report on a single employee, a group of employees or all employees. You'll choose which information to include from a list of 16 categories that include regular hours, overtime hours, total hours, sick hours and vacation hours.
  • Summary report. This is a printable report on a group of employees. The employees can be grouped by pay type (salaried and hourly, for instance), by department or by shift.
  • Tardy report. This is a printable report on a group of employees that lists the number of times they clocked in early or late or clocked out early or late. It also gives a total of those minutes in each category and then adds all the results together so supervisors can see if an employee is working more or fewer hours than he or she should.

Q. My employees are on salary. How can TimePilot help me?
A. Do you know if your salaried employees are putting in a full workweek? Using TimePilot, you can find out. The TimePilot's In/Out Manager is also a big help in determining whether an employee is available. For more, see the comments by BFC Innovative Printing Solutions' owner Matt Novak on our Testimonials page.

Q. Can I export transaction data to a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel?
A. Yes, you can. What you'll be doing is creating an "export file definition" with just the categories of information you want. Click here to view detailed instructions in PDF format.

Technical questions

Q. How do I check my iButtons to make sure they're working correctly?

A. iButtons have a very long lifespan and are extremely durable. Though they may resemble a watch battery, they contain no power source to run down. They're guaranteed for 10 years, but we've found they usually last far beyond that time. However, like any other product, there is a chance (miniscule in our experience) one could be flawed. Here's how to test your iButtons:

  1. Tap the iButton to a time clock station that's receiving power. The station does not need to be connected to a computer, nor does the iButton have to be set up on the system.
  2. If the time clock emits a sound or any text appears on the LCD screen, the iButton is working correctly.      

Q. When an employee clocks in, a "Please try again" message appears on the clock's screen, and I get a message in Hardware Manager telling me there was an error opening AccHours.int file.

A. This error was triggered by an automatic update to the Windows XP operating system issued by Microsoft that was distributed in July, 2007. To get your TimePilot system working again, update your TimePilot software to the most recent version. Here's how:

  1. Click the Windows "Start" button and choose "All Programs."
  2. Find the entry for TimePilot, and place your cursor atop it.
  3. A pop-up menu will appear. One of the options will be TimePilot Utilities. Put your cursor atop that option and another pop-up menu will appear.
  4. Click on "TimePilot Update Utility" and follow the instructions that appear.

This will update your software to the latest version and should eliminate the errors. If the problem persists, run TimePilot's "Repair Database" function, by opening Transaction Manager, clicking the "Edit" menu, choosing "Administrator" and then "Repair Database."

Q. On my TimePilot Standard system, when an employee clocks in, "--:--" is displayed on the clock's screen instead of the employee's accumulated hours. What's wrong?

A. The "--:--" is by design and not a problem. It's a signal to the employee that they have created an "exception." What this means is that at some point they did one of the following:

  • Forgot to clock out or in.
  • Clocked in when they should have clocked out.
  • Clocked out when they should have clocked in.

As a result, their transactions don't have the necessary alternating "IN" and "OUT" pattern. (The exception should also be spotted by a supervisor using the password-protected Transaction Manager in the TimePilot software. The software will display the employee's name in red.)

To make the correction, the supervisor will open Transaction Manager, view the employee's transactions and make the appropriate changes to restore the perfect in/out pattern. When the supervisor clicks the employee's name, just his or her transactions are displayed. In the list of transactions, clock-ins are identified by a red triangle to the left of the employee’s name; clock-outs are blank. A perfect set of transactions for an employee will have lines with a red triangle alternating with blank lines. TimePilot will display in red what it believes to be the incorrect transaction.  

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