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Q. How do I set the amount of time subtracted by Auto Lunch for each employee?
A. The amount of time subtracted by Auto Lunch is determined by the employee's shift schedule. Use Configuration Manager to edit the shift schedule you assigned to the employee so that the number of minutes between the lunch time out and lunch time in is correct.

Q. Why don't holiday transactions show up in Transaction Manager?
A. Holiday transactions can only be inserted after the pay period is extracted. After the pay period is extracted, click the Edit Menu, then "Insert Holiday Transactions." Before you extract the pay period, it's a good idea to open Configuration Manager and double-check that your holiday schedule is correct.

Q. Why don't holidays get inserted automatically?
A. It is easier for the supervisor checking or editing their employees' transactions to work without the holiday transactions in the way. We recommend this procedure: 1. Extract the pay period; 2. Make corrections, if necessary; 3. Insert holiday transactions (Start Transaction Manager, then click the Edit menu and "Insert Holiday Time"); 4. Create reports for final review.

Q. Why don't the In/Out buttons work when I clock in or out?
A. You probably have the In/Out buttons disabled. To enable them, start Configuration Manager, click the Options Menu, and choose "Station Options." That's where you can enable the In/Out keys.

Q. Why aren't the On Site/Off Site buttons working?
A. The On Site/Off Site buttons probably are disabled. To enable them, start Configuration Manager, click the Options Menu, and choose "Station Options." That's where you can enable the On Site/Off Site keys.

Q. What are the On Site/Off Site buttons used for?
A. The On Site/Off Site buttons are used to indicate that the employee is either on- or off-site. They do not have an effect on the employee's hours worked. The on- or off-site status of an employee can be viewed using the In/Out Manager. Think of the In/Out Manager as an electronic in/out board. An example: An employee clocks in at 8 a.m. and leaves the building from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. to make a delivery. On the way out the door at 10, the employee taps his or her iButton to the time clock and presses the "Off Site button. That employee is still "on the clock," but his or her status in the In/Out Manager changes in to out. At 11, the employee returns and presses the On Site button. The In/Out Manager changes again to indicate the employee is on the premises.

Q. Why doesn't the Messaging function work?
A. You need to enable messaging in Configuration Manager. To do so, start Configuration Manager, click the Options Menu, and choose "Station Options." Click "Enable Messaging."

Q. Why do some of my transactions not get extracted?
A. Check the pay period definition to make sure that the beginning of the pay period, including the time of day, is set correctly. To view the definition, start Configuration Manager, then click the Setup menu and choose "Pay Periods."

Also, make sure that each employee is assigned to the correct company. When a pay period is extracted it removes transactions from "Current Transactions" to a defined period of time for a specific company. The removed transactions are now referred to a "Past Pay Period" or an "Extracted Pay Period." All transactions within a past pay period are specific to a company and the period of time.

Q. My employees do not work a regular schedule. Do I need to set up a shift schedule?
A. Yes. But even though you must assign a shift schedule to each employee, the employee is not forced to adhere to those shift times. A shift schedule assigned to an employee is only relevant if you are keeping track of tardiness or are using the "Snap-To" or "Auto Lunch" function with the employee.

Q. How can I change the User ID?
A. The User ID, which is assigned to each employee when they are set up in Configuration Manager, can be modified, but we don't recommend it. (To see a list of your employees' User IDs, start Configuration Manager, click the File Menu and choose View/Print Employee Setup.) The TimePilot software uses theĀ  ID to connect all information throughout the software for each employee. If the employee's User ID is changed, then all past information associated with the employee will be disconnected. If it is absolutely necessary to modify the User ID, you can do so by selecting "Edit User ID" from the "Setup" menu in Configuration Manager.

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