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Q. How do I set up TimePilot to work with my payroll software?
A. Most of the payroll export modules provided by TimePilot require that the "Alternate ID" field in each employee's profile match the ID associated with the employee in the payroll software. Therefore, you will need to enter the payroll software's ID number for the employee into TimePilot's "Alternate ID" field. Note: Any changes made to the "Alternate ID" field after a pay period has been extracted will not be reflected in that pay period. To force changes made in Configuration Manager after a pay period has been extracted, open the extracted period in Transaction Manager, click the Edit menu, choose "Administrator" and select "Update Company and Employee Data."

Q. What is the Alternate ID used for?
A. The Alternate ID field is used to associate employees set up in TimePilot with any ID numbering your company may already be using for the employees, such as within your accounting or payroll system. The ID is simply for your reference.

Q. How do I restrict an employee from clocking in and out, but not remove him or her from the system?
A. Uncheck the "Active" checkbox in the employee's profile in Configuration Manager. This will prohibit the employee from clocking in and out but will allow the employees' information to remain in the system for processing payroll. Marking in an employee "Inactive" is recommended over deleting an employee. If an employee is deleted, all past information associated with this employee will be disconnected.

Q. How do I reassign an iButton?
A. First, start Configuration Manager, call up the profile of the employee who will not be using the iButton anymore and delete the iButton number. Next, assign the iButton to the new employee as if it was a new iButton. This is commonly done when an employee leaves the company and turns in their iButton so it can be used by another employee.

Q. How do I disable an iButton for an employee?
A. In the employee's profile in Configuration Manager, simply delete the iButton number in the "iButton" number field. This is commonly done when an employee loses their iButton.

Q. Can I edit transactions after I extract the pay period?
A. Yes, you can modify transactions just as you could before you extracted.

Q. When I run a report in Current Transactions, the date range on the report is for the past 30 days. How can I show the current pay period?
A. In Current Transactions, the default report will encompass all of the transactions within the last 30 days. Any transactions older then 30 days will not be counted. To show the current pay period, select "Extended Time Frame" in the report setup screen and select the desired date range.

Q. I'm about to install the TimePilot software for the first time, but I can't find the registration number. Where is it?
A. Check the inside cover of your Instruction Manual. There should be a sticker there that contains your registration number.

Q. In Transaction Manager, an employee's name is in red in the employee list, which signifies an exception, so when I check his or her transactions, why don't I see any exceptions?
A. In the menu bar, click Edit > Administrator > Repair Data Base. When the repair process is complete, click OK. This should solve the problem.

Q. The system runs sluggishly when Norton Anti-Virus is running. How can I correct this?
A. The problem is related to Norton Anti-Virus. Disable Norton Anti-Virus' Smart Scan.

Q. When printing a report, the software reports that I have "No printer installed," even though I do. What should I do?
A. This works for these versions of Windows--98SE, 2000, NT, ME and XP: Click "Start," then "Run."
Type "regsvr32.exe craxdrt.dll" (without the quotes) in the text box. Click "OK." Reboot your PC.

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