Employee Time Clock Repairs - we can do it, so can you

Normally just the motor is shot, along with the ribbon, and it needs a good oiling.

Call us, order a motor (if it's losing time, that's the problem 90% of the time).

Or, order it online.  Go to our website, find the SEARCH box, type in the word: MOTOR

Soak all moving parts with WD-40, then spin them or wiggle them until the parts move freely.

Wipe off the excess with a rag, toss it in the trash - it will burn at the waste-to-energy incinerator, you're helping the environment.

Leave the machine open to air-out for a few hours, then reset it and go back to using it.

Need help?  Call us, we're “Screwdriver Guys”.  We walk the walk.