Setting up a Detex Guard Tour System, page twp

Setting up a Detex Guard Tour System, page two

Most Detex guard tour systems also include software that produces reports of the officers' activities, requiring that the client provide a computer on which the software may be installed.  This can either be a standalone PC, a portable PC, or a workstation in a network.  The Detex Patrol Manager system is an exception in that it permits the DAU to transfer the tour report directly to a printer, without the need for a computer.  Unfortunately, this is a very outdated system.  It has been replaced with the Detex TopGuard and TopGuard Plus softwares, which are Windows programs.

The guard tour software translates the downloaded data into a report that documents each tour that was performed, and indicates the time and date that each checkpoint was visited.  The report also highlights any checkpoints that were not visited (missing), and any that were visited more often than required.  They are listed as “double” or “multiple”.  Also, any from another tour that should not have been visited.  As mentioned earlier, the report may optionally include the names of the officers who performed the tours and any incidents that the watchman observed during the tour.  The report usually concludes with a numerical summary of the tour activity included in that report.

Establishing the Tour(s)
If the client is upgrading a Detex guard tour systems or changing over from a competitor's system (such as Morse Watchman), the officer tours are probably already established.  However, if the client does not have an existing guard tour system, it must be determined how many tours are needed and which checkpoints are to be included in each tour.  The client must also decide how often and when he wishes to download the tour data and prepare the guard tour activity reports.

These parameters are based solely on the client's needs and wishes.  the client obviously has reasons for employing security officers, and already knows what tasks they are to perform and how often they should be done.  The establishment of the tours is imply a process of organizing and formalizing those tasks.