TimeVue Full

TimeVue Full

Windows  32 bit Vista Compatible!

TimeVue Full is an enhanced version of TimeVue Lite.

With many useful features for companies with more complex time and attendance or human resource needs, TimeVue full gives you the power to:

  • Group employees and print reports specific to each supervisor
  • Track performance reviews
  • Internal attendance notes
  • Accrue and allocate sick and vacation time
  • Extended calculation rules allow you to easily define advanced features such as shift differentials and complicated overtime rules
  • Multiple-levels of security allow supervisors to access the system - but only view their employees' data
  • Sort by Part Time, Full Time, Temp, Office 1, Office 2, Volunteer,(and anything else you want to sort by) employees
  • Run multiple pay cycles, using the RULES and Sort Fields
  • Send individual messages to an employee, or to all employees (“Call the office“)
  • Includes 15 payroll exports, and it does even more....

View a Sample Department Summary Report:  PDF  |  Excel
View a Sample Tardy Report:  PDF  |  Excel
View a Sample Timecard Report:  PDF  |  Excel