Amano Time Guardian FPT-40 information, a short overview

The Amano Time Guardian FPT-40 is an employee time tracking system designed to eliminate “buddy punching” through fingerprint recognition.

This complete PC-based biometric time clock system automatically totals hours for up to 100 employees, rounds totals to meet company policy, eliminates cards and badges, reduces manual calculation errors and has the ability to handle unlimited number of departments.

The FPT-40 accommodates USB and Ethernet connection and interfaces with most popular payroll applications, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Paychex, ADP and more.

Ships complete with terminal, software, 50’USB connector and CAT5 Ethernet cable. Toll Free Support available.

It has been replaced with the MTX30, and fresh software.  All your punch records WILL IMPORT to the new software, which looks identical to the OLD software.

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