Acroprint Time Clock Company History
Acroprint History
Wilbur Robbins, a top-performing salesman at IBM and then Simplex, founded Acroprint in 1969. Robbins introduced a time recorder, the heavy-duty Acroprint Model 125, which would stir the market by offering the dealer community an alternative high-quality, low-cost product. The Model 125 quickly became known for its durability and today is widely recognized throughout the world. The green heavy-duty time clock has been seen in movies, television shows, DreamWorks® animation and is still manufactured daily on site at Acroprint headquarters in Raleigh, N.C.

Robbins' son Glenn joined Acroprint after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1973 and became President in 1986 after the elder Robbins passed away. Glenn Robbins knows that "customers are our lifeline and some of my fondest memories of leading the company have been when I was able to spend a great deal of my time with dealers, vendors and customers."
With wage and hour lawsuits on the rise and the economic downturn, businesses now more than ever before need to have an indisputable record of employee time. "There's an overwhelming business case and payback for customers to implement time and attendance solutions today. We are proud to have been helping businesses around the world save time and money for 40 years," summarizes Robbins.