NSN 6645005722451 Detex Newman Watchman Clock

This is the NSN 6645005722451

Detex Newman® Info:
* The Newman was the first portable watchclock designed in America
Built in Texas to a high standard of quality and ruggedly constructed
* Simple in operation, provides maximum service with minimum wear
* The Newman was also the first portable watchclock to receive the labels of
   Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual
* It is approved by insurance companies worldwide
* A record is made when a tour station key is inserted into the clock and turned
* An embossed impression is made on a preprinted paper dial within the watchclock
* This records the station and the time that the officer visited this location

*Solid one-piece billeted metal case, all metal inside

*11-jeweled, spring-wound movement that requires rewinding only once a week
* Detex Newmans emboss the paper dials - no ink, no messy carbonless forms
* The the dial is synchronized with the clock mechanism 
* Consecutive station registrations appear as unbroken bands of numbers
* Missed stations appear as conspicuous gaps
* Will accommodate up to 40 checkpoints
* Tampering detector shows if clock has been opened or closed
* Dials and tapes are virtually impossible to counterfeit
* Factory Mutual approved and UL listed
* One Year Guarantee
Newman supplies are always in stock. 
Sometimes we have rebuilt Newmans for sale; call and ask.
We repair Detex Newmans, Detex Guardsman, Amano PR600