CalcTime Printer

CalcTime Printer Specifications:

The standard for performance, reliability and adaptability. With millions shipped worldwide, the Verifone P250 printer meets the needs of more merchants than any other point of sale printer.

There's one sure way to increase your productivity—add the world's most popular POS printer to your VeriFone system.

The value leader among compact point-of-sale printers, the Verifone P250 printer maximizes the capabilities of your Verifone system. It generates crisply printed two or three part receipts just seconds after you enter a transaction through the Verifone system. This gives you a very short total transaction time—the true test of a POS system's efficiency. And the Verifone P250 printer provides a complete audit trail that you can compare with the electronic record for accurate balancing at the close of the business day.

Produces crisp, legible characters with fast, reliable dot matrix shuttle printing
Height:     4.1 in   105 mm
Width:      6.1 in   155 mm
Depth:      8.9 in    225 mm
Operating Temperature:  0 to 40C,  32 to 104F
Method:    7-PIN Shuttle-impact dot matrix
Speed:      2.1 lines per second, this may vary depending on the application
Buffer:       3 lines
Print Head Life Expectancy:     50 million characters
Mechanism Life Expectancy:    1.5 million lines
Languages:  English
Ribbon:    Cartridge
Paper:      3.0 in standard roll
Format:    42 column
Interface:  RS232-serial
Voltage:  120VAC, 47-63HZ (+-10%)

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