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Employee Time Clock Information:

So it has come to this:  You need a time clock system.  Painful, eh?

Welcome to the club.  This club includes most healthcare facilities, hospitals, government offices, police stations, jails, airlines, medical offices, sports clubs, manufacturers, retailers, and more. If they have been in business for a long time, you can bet they are using a time clock system.  Rough company, indeed.

Short story:  I'll bet you don't know the story behind cash registers.  In the 1800's, in the US, at the end of the day the employees would take what they considered to be their fair share of the businesses receipts as their pay.  This was our culture, it was customary.  Around 1890, a fellow saw the need and developed the first mechanical cash register. The clerks hated the idea.  He sent out mailings, the letters got thrown away.

He finally went to large cities and took out full page ads in the newspaper, offering a substantial prize to be won if people would just show up to see his invention at a local hotel.  Eventually his company became NCR, National Cash Register.

Time clocks are just like this.  Everyone needs one, no one likes them, and most people have them.  Do business with us, real people, and you will get a system that works for you, works properly, and does not work against you.