How to connect the Digi SP1

HP1000 Digi Network installation

Digi  952 912 3456   tech support number


The steps: 

Connect everything.  You will need a short CAT5 “patch” cable.

Load the time clock software and register it.

Make incredibly sure that all the connections are rock-solid tight, snapped in, and screwed together.


Make sure the time clock terminal is connected to the Digi, and the Digi is also powered.

Make sure the red and green lights are lit.  Check the connections one more time.

Load the Digi software.  Note: There are dip switches on the Digi; leave them alone.

The software will automatically find the network IP address.

Accept all the defaults.  It will make the connection for you. 

The type of connection is the one at the top of the list, says REAL One. 

In any event, it is the default setting; this is a very simple installation.


Remove the Digi software CD and save it.  Save the instructions as well.

Find the My Computer feature, usually an icon on your desktop.  Open it. 
Find and open “Device Manager.“

Look at COM & LPT ports, the port number will be there. 

It will Say Digi SP COM _
Remember this number, put this COM port number in the clock COM setting.


Start the time clock software.  Go to the Clock list.  Enter the information below.


This goes in the dial up string:

Clock  Name              Type                            COM                          Dialup String

01        Clock Name             HP00X0            com number       (nothing goes in here)