Wireless master clocks

Lathem Time Clock relased the Lathem AirTime and Pyramid launched its own Pyramid Wireless Master Clock systems., both in 2009.

Pyramid master clocks are FCC certified, typically do not need any license to operate, run on safe standard telephone frequencies, and eliminate the expense and bother of running cable from clock to clock to clock.  This is a huge savings in labor and materials in all applications whether a new building, or a retrofit. 

Typical users are schools, airports, hospitals, factories, stadiums, government offices, training facilities, convention centers, and more.

As a frequent flier, I am amazed that there is such a dearth of clocks in all the U.S. airports while people are panicking about the time that their flights will leave.  4“ digital clocks should be everywhere in large airports as part of the basic plan.

The Lathem Airtime system transmits at 415 MHz, and Pyramid transmits at 915MHz.  The Lathem Airtime system has a very smooth sweeping second hand, Pyramids has a slight tick to it's second hand, though it is completely inaudible. 

The Lathem Airtime analog wireless receiver clocks come in 12” and 15” sizes, while the Pyramid Wireless analog clocks come in 12” and 17” sizes. Analog clocks are battery operated, normally with 5 year batteries.  No nearby plug is needed, only a screw to hang it on the wall. 

Lathem Airtime offers 4“ Digital RED letters, Pyramid Wireless offers an extensive variety of digital sizes including 2.5“, 3“, and 4“, all in red, blue, and green letters on a non-reflective black background.  Digital clocks are typically 110VAC, although they can be ordered with 24VAC.

All are available with black or silver case rings, 12 or 24 hour faces, surface, ceiling, two sided mounting brackets, and theft-proof locks.  Custom artwork including state logo's, school images, full color anything, is available and can be printed on the 12“ and 17“ Pyramid clocks.

Both the Lathem Airtime and the Pyramid Wireless master clock systems offer the ability to connect bells to the master clock receiver to coordinate your people's start, break, lunch, and end of work times for greater crowd control (schools) and efficiency (production).

The above information is subject to change without notice.  Call us if you have any questions on master clocks, wireless master clocks, digital or analog wall clocks, and-or integration to existing master clock systems.

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